Peer Review by annacatherine (Australia)

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Life’s little wonders

By: Girl in the corner

  1. when life stops, do we stop?
  2. do you just sit in the corner and cry?
  3. no
  4. you stand for what your meant for
  5. to live your life how you want
  6. not follow in someone’s footsteps 
  7. ñor to just copy every move of your favorite idol
  8. just be you and you’ll see the truth
  9. atleast i do
  10. i see a real you

Message to Readers

Shows that not only your fighting for a life, but everyone is. And I respect that

Peer Review

It really flows which is really appealing to read. It's also written very cleverly.

It shows the issue in a different perspective

Maybe if you wrote more? Or use even more description and imagery to add more meaning behind this piece.

This is great so far :) The meaning of it is great and it is written cleverly. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer Comments

I love this :)