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The Void

January 14, 2016

    I wandered around the halls aimlessly trying to find something to do. I spotted a door I have never seen before in my life. I felt the urge of exploration pull me toward the door. I grip the cool handle and turn it slowly. A burst of air hits me as I step into the doorframe.
    A mountain of stairs greets me. There must be eight flights. I start climbing up the first flight, determined to find what was at the top. By the fifth flight my breathing was uneven and my knees were wobbling. When I finally reached the eighth flight my legs collapsed me. It took me a few moments to catch my breath but when I did I saw there was a sign.
“No roof access.” Read the sign. I got up an inspected the sign. It was weakly put on to the door, hanging from sticky tack, which had the equivalent strength of a sticky note. I easily took off the sign from the door and tossed it down the stairs. I heard it bang and clang against the metal steps and finally land on the concrete floor below. “I didn't see a sign, I didn't know I wasn't supposed to go up there.” I mentally told myself that’s what I would say if I get caught.
I pushed the door open easily and quickly shut it, in fear of being caught. A single lamp illuminated the roof patio. Old tables and chairs covered in rust screamed for someone to use them again. I cast my eyes over to the ledge where I saw a shadow. I hesitantly stepped forward not wanting to scare the shadow and have them fall off the edge. I was ten feet behind the shadow when I realized who it was. Blonde hair blows slightly in the breeze, its ruffled appearance looked as though he hasn't slept for days.
    “E-Eoin?” I say softly, my voice almost getting carried away by the wind. The shadow turns around and looks at me with his blue eyes puffy and red from crying. Tearstains lined his cheeks and pools of tears settled in the indentation by his chin. His face, usually filled with joy, was now filled with sadness and regret.
We just looked at each other. He swung his legs back onto the roof and looks me in the eyes. It felt as though his eyes stared into my soul. His stare made me extremely uncomfortable. What came out of his mouth sounded like a wounded animal cry and a mangled, earsplitting scream. White clustered foam started lining the corners of his mouth. I got up as fast as I could before he jumped where I was once sitting. Fear set in and I started running toward the door. It wouldn't budge. I rattled the door handle and it fell off in my hand easily. I looked at the piece of cheap metal and threw it to the ground. It skidded ten feet away and hit a chair with a clang.
    Footsteps thudded behind me and I ran to the nearest table. Eoin was on my heels. I picked up the nearest chair and threw it at him. It hit his shoulder and he fell to the ground releasing an ear splitting cry. I ran to the opposite side of the patio, ready to arm myself with another chair if the circumstance is willing. I turned around and saw Eoin getting up.
“What’re you doing?” I scream at him. He looks toward me and licks his fangs. Flashbacks of the mermaids and red stained ocean water flew through my mind. I got out of my daze when I felt movement at the other side of the table.
Eoin tackled me, wrapping his hands around my throat. I fought against his grip and kneed him in his stomach. He groaned and gave me the time to escape. I got up and ran towards the edge. He followed me like a puppy begging for attention.
He grabs my arm and I push him off. He looses his footing and tumbles to the edge of the roof. He grabs my leg and digs his nails into my ankles. I cry out in pain and push him off me. He slowly extracts from my skin. Before I could react and grab him, his body was already falling off the edge of the roof.
    I looked and reached my arm in an effort to save him. My fingers graze his arm and I reach out, trying to grab his hand. He looked up at me with his eyes not innocently blue as his hand missed mine. I screamed out and stretched my arm further. It was to late. I let out a mangled scream and sunk to the floor, my arm still outstretched trying to fix what had already happened.
    I heard a loud “THUD” a few seconds later and knew he wouldn't survive the fall. The sound of his tiny bones breaking echoed up to my ears. Tears streamed down my face and dropped off the side of the room to meet Eoins body lying on the ground below. I stayed in that position, sobbing, until the moon went to sleep and the sun rose again.


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  • FantasyWriter

    omfg this is gold pure gold this gave me the shivers and i thought animatronics from FANF scared me XD

    over 6 years ago