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United States

Not my Fault

January 14, 2016


It is not my fault peace is a mental state
being destroyed by the mental hunger of racism.
It is not my fault blood is being shed,
onto the sandy grounds by men.
Who only care about the color of their skin.

I fled to find peace but yet I stand,
on a piece of heaven which is now dead.
But, what is peace? I know not
Clearly everyone has forgotten.

Hatred towards each other fuels the fire of horrors.
I’m sorry you hate me because of my skin color.
Blacks, whites, Asians too. We’re all the same just like you.

So please take your racism away.
Save your biased comments for another day.
No war, no hatred, that’d be grand.
So transport them away from this land.
Balance the killings if you can.

It’s not my fault racism is caused by biased opinions
from people who don’t really listen.
I’m sorry we can’t get along.
I guess peace is not for everyone.

It is not my fault peace is a mental state being destroyed by racism.
Peace will come another day.
Here I am and here I’ll stay,
singing my Syrian song night and day.


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