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I enjoy lifting weights (My bench press max is currently 230 LBS), and hanging out with my best friend Glytch Montoya. If you haven't checked out his stories, you should; they are amazing and funny. STAR WARS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have been writing for a little while now. I enjoy Star Wars, or any Marvel or DC comics related things. If you have anything that you would like me to write about, then just ask. Most of my stories will be pertaining to these topics. Also May The Force Be With You Always!! :)


February 23, 2019


    It was the night before Senator Palpatine's induction as the new Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. Darth Plagueis, known to the public as Hego Damask of the Inter-Galactic Banking Clan, and his apprentice, Darth Sidious, known as Senator Sheev Palpatine of Naboo, were celebrating their triumph. "The Grand Plan of the Sith shall finally come to fruition thanks to you, master," Sidious exclaims. "You flatter me Sidious, but I cannot take all the credit. If it had not been for both of our efforts, then we would not have succeeded. Darth Bane would be proud to know that after one thousand years, his plan is finally fulfilled." Sidious proceeds to open a bottle of champagne. He pours two glasses, and hands one to Plagueis. "A toast, to our victory," Sidious says. With that, the two Sith touch glasses and proceed to drink. As the night goes on, Plagueis becomes increasingly intoxicated. He finds himself feeling tired for the first time in months. Within the next hour, Plagueis is asleep. Sidious slowly gets out of his chair, and takes his cloak from the table. He reaches out to open the door when he pauses, and looks around the room. His eyes stop on Plagueis, and a malicious grin forms on the Sith's lips. "Plagueis is asleep," he thought to himself. "No one would know, it would look like his breathing apparatus had malfunctioned."  The Sith's yellow eyes glare with hatred as he slowly inches towards his Master. With his hands outstretched preparing to strike, Sidious calls upon the Dark Side. Torrents of blue Sith lightning rain down upon his Master. 
    Plagueis' eyes shoot open as a storm of fury forms, blackening the room. Sidious is taken aback by his Master's raw power, and finds that he feels, afraid. Sidious snaps back to reality and continues his assault on Plagueis. The Sith Master stood in the epicenter of the force storm, and was seemingly unfazed by his apprentice's attack. Sidious realizes that his current approach is not working, and ignites his lightsaber, illuminating the room with a reddish glow. To Sidious' surprise, Plagueis begins to laugh. "Is this the best you can do, my apprentice?" Plagueis asks. "RAAAAGH!!!!" Sidious screams with rage. He leaps towards Plagueis, his lightsaber becoming a red cyclone. Plagueis extends one hand, and force pushes Sidious into the wall. Plagueis then summons his own lightsaber and activates it.
    The two Sith engage each other in a furious lightsaber dual. Sidious leapt from wall to wall, dodging every attack Plagueis made. Plagueis was quite proud of his student's skill with the lightsaber, but never thought he would be the one on the receiving end. Plagueis knew he would not last much longer if the battle did not transition to Force abilities, as he was more skilled in that area. Keeping this in mind, Plagueis creates a force wave that disarms Sidious. Sidious retaliates with force lightning, disarming Plagueis. Plagueis reaches out with the force, choking Sidious. "No, No YOU WILL DIE!!!!" Sidious screams. He releases more force lightning, now aimed at Plagueis' respirator. Plagueis begins having trouble breathing, and falls to the floor. Sidious increases the intensity of his assault, and gains the upper hand. Plagueis' respirator fails, as the electricity shorts its circuits. Sidious begins cackling, as he believes he is victorious. "Foolish old man," he said. "Did you actually think you could defeat me?"  "To think that you actually believed I would share power with you, no you were merely in my way. Back when the Maladian assassins ambushed you, I could have left you to die. But you still were useful to me, there were still things you could teach me. Such a pity, I would almost feel sympathy for you if this was not the moment of my ascension to the.... Aaagh." Sidious stares down at his chest, a crimson blade protrudes from his abdomen. Sidious falls to the floor, gasping for air. Plagueis gets up, and stares at Sidious with disappointment. Plagueis goes over the battle in his head, remembering how when Sidious was reveling in victory, he had left his body, surveyed the room, and located his lightsaber. Then in one swift motion, he had returned to his body, and used the Force to impale Sidious through the back. Plagueis' eyes return to Sidious, the blade still sticking out of his body. "H-help... me, master." Sidious pleads. Plagueis deactivates the lightsaber as it flies into his hand. "Yes Sidious, let me help you." he said with a smile, and with a flick of his wrist, Plagueis snaps Sidious' neck. Plagueis kneels down next to his former apprentice, and watches the midichlorians leave his body. Then, using midichlorian manipulation, Plagueis absorbs Sidious' midichlorians into himself. He feels a rush of power as his injuries heal, and his power increases drastically. 
    The next day, Plagueis, as Hego Damask, stands before the Senate, delivering a speech on how Palpatine had been a Sith Lord and had attempted to assassinate him. He then provides video evidence, showing how he was attacked, and that if it hadn't been for his security team, he wouldn't be alive. Plagueis is then inducted as the new Supreme Chancellor. Everything else would go the same as the original story from then on up until the birth of Darth Vader. Since Plagueis possessed the power over life and death, he would use midichlorian manipulation to heal Vader's injuries he suffered on Mustafar, Padme wouldn't die, and Luke and Leia would be trained in the Dark Side of the Force. Plagueis' empire would last for a millennia or more, and the Sith would rule the galaxy together.                  

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