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Isaac Azucena

United States


January 14, 2016


        The alarm goes off in the early mornings, 7 am everyday. You put in work everyday until the body finally says no, but the heart never does. The effort you put in will someday lead to you becoming a pro. Basketball is a sport that comes with many obstacles, injuries, blood, sweat, and tears. Putting your basketball shoes and jersey on every morning is tough.
        When gameday comes you will feel confident because of all of the practice you have had. No matter what when you get out there on the court give it all you've got and don't stop or give up. Basketball is special and once you've got it in your heart do not let it go. When the most important game of your life comes you have to be there for your team. Do not give up on them and you're team will suceed. 
        Have hope and be confident no matter what happens in your basketball career and good things will happen.         


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