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Chad Wineland

United States

Duck Hunting

January 14, 2016


    Two o'clock is a very early time to wake up. Especially after only sleeping for two or three hours. You will have to get used to it if you want to go duck hunting. Worse is you have to load all your stuff up. You put your life in the hands of a boat driver who has only slept for two hours and has to navigate through the flooded woods at night. A duck hole at daytime looks way different then a hole at night. You may be in the wrong hole and not know until daytime.
    Once you are in te duck hole you have to be quiet while throwing out decoys that make a lot of noise. When your done with the decoys you just wait until shooting hours. The best idea is to sleep because you will need your energy while shooting ducks.
    When shooting hours arrive you better load your gun if you want to kill ducks. With you you want to make sure you have someone who can duck call or if your by yourself you can duck call. Whenever a duck comes in you have to be still and quiet or the duck will fly away. Whenever it is about to land you fire. The limit of ducks you can kill depends on how many people are with you. If the duck is still alive after it has been shot you have to grab it by the neak and spin it around. This will break its neck.
    Sometimes ducks will land in a hole without you knowing. You won't know they are there until they fly off. Even if you do it is illegal to shoot a duck on the water. Hunting laws are very strict. Game wardens can take your gun, boat, and truck. You will have to pay a fine too. Hunting crimes are very strict.
    Once you have your duck you have to clean them. Duck tastes very good. You have to soak very good to remove the wild flavor. Then you cut it open fill it with cream cheese and jalepenos, wrap it in bacon and grill it. It will be the best dinner you've ever had.


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