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orange & asphalt

October 1, 2018

it was as easy as
the soft creamy 
off white of the sweatshirt
you always wear
mindless like the gentlest
curls of your dark hair and yet
there's something
so complex so intricate
so perfectly perplexing
about the curves of your eyes and
the twists of your lips and
the lilt in your voice like
the waving sea rising
and falling and
i didn't realize until
i found myself
finding you over and
over and over again
who knew feeling
like a million glittering
specks of the sun
could be as simple as
watching a tiny familiar figure
ambling down the road
getting smaller and smaller
until only a shadow
and a soft smile


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  • AbiJoy

    This is so pure <3

    about 2 years ago
  • _________

    Wow! The figurative language and descriptions you use are all very strong & beautiful :DD Good job with this and keep it up!!! :DD

    about 2 years ago