Cray Wordsmith

United States


October 2, 2018


According to the Color Theory, yellow symbolizes the essence of happiness. 
How Intriguing?
A notable Dutch painter used to eat yellow paint with the thought that it would make him happy.
Now, when was the last time you thought one's idea is stupid.


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  • Cray Wordsmith

    What I was trying to prove is how melancholia immensely affect one's mental health. A person with in normal shape wouldn't do such thing right? Aside from that, one common belief when you die is that you'll fly back in heaven where you'll attain the eternal "bliss".

    almost 2 years ago
  • elisa

    he actually didn't!!! he ate it because he was depressed and bipolar and trying to kill himself. please don't make light of a severely mentally ill man with this untrue myth.

    almost 2 years ago