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together we fall

January 14, 2016


     "Set hut!" The ball snaps and Chris runs out for a pass the ball comes his way, he catches the ball and trucks the first few guys then all hell breaks loose. Adam is the biggest guy on the team and when he mad contact with Chris he immediately hits the ground. He got close but no cigar, after practice we all went out to this old highway that was never finished were we started the tridition of throwing every party there. It was late that night and he just got back from practice and then as if the day couldent get any worse his com goes off and it is the drill sargent. He wNts us all at the barracks. when he got there he was briefed about the mission. They were haveing to go to the city of Blythville and help control the riot. At first it dident look bad but then when you saw the lower parts of the city it was bad. So far there had been no reports of the riot haveing guns but we were given live amo but given strict orders not to load the gunsunless told so. When we were droped off it was chaos, the streets were filled with glass and some cars were on fire. while we were walking down the street some of the people were in the streets screaming at us. so they told us to load our guns It was ok until Chris got hit in the head with rock and fired his gun.


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