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my piece of writing will be on love and teenage life

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What your define one love is

What is Love ??

January 22, 2015

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What is love ??

Well love is a word that could mean a thing where it is a nothing or a somthing, so if you find your true love then don't let others take it from, then put your foot down and make them feel the love you feel, for this someone or something dont let them be the ones to destory it.

Or if your love cant be defined then find what your looking for and take it whilst you can, because you are important and u wanna be seen and loved for. aswell as cared for, so make a difference.

I did i found someone who maynot have everything in common with but sure knows how to look after a girl and make her smile.Well that is what a relationship need is strength to keep it together even, if u have so many differences u make them included to the relationship you with that special person till u know its right.

Love is what you make it 


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