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My super duper totally original fourth ever Shawards!

October 4, 2018


Hi everyone this is my 4th Shawards ever! Thank you for following through this far! You guys are really the people that make posts like this happen. So... THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! If this is your first time seeing the Shawards please go and check the other ones out too; My super duper totally original second ever Shawards!My super duper totally original first ever Shawards! and My super duper totally original third ever Shawards!, you never know you could have been mentioned. If this is your first time seeing my Shawards the explanation of what it is is down below...

( Shawards as in sort of shout-outs sort of awards but not necessarily either.)
I am doing Shawards now, mainly just because I can and I feel like if I can manage to brighten at least one person's day or even make them smile its worth it so get ready for_TJNR@cheshire_'s fourth Shawards ever! Before I start I would like to acknowledge who started the shout-outs and writing awards, whoever that may be and thank them for such a wonderful idea.

(The order I put this list in has nothing to do with who is first or who is "higher up" on the list.)  Okay, let's get started!

PureHeart: Whenever I read a piece from PureHeart I feel like I am learning something really important, every word on every page enlightens me, all perfectly placed to have the most affect on the reader. Some would say their writing is powerful and influential, I say magical!

MxAngles: MxAngles writing transforms you into the main character or the subject of their piece. Their writing makes you feel as if your part of that story, the very ink itself on the page. You experience the emotions that this subject does you see things they do, you feel things they do, you hear, smell and think things they do. MxAngles makes you feel apart of any story living and breathing as those would. 

Kaartika: Kaartika's writing is fresh and raw. They write truthfully and hold nothing back from that reality. Their writing makes you feel related to and heard. Kaartika is a member of the "really involved and fantastic contributor member of WTW'. Although they have just started out I can see great things ahead for them.

Katherine McCarthy: Everyone raves about Katherine McCarthy's work and what everyone raves about is true. Their work is always super enjoyable to read whether its about something sad or really funny, I always laugh a little (not in a bad way) when I read their pieces and find them rather light hearted. Keep on doing what your doing!

Oscar_Locke: When Oscar_Locke writes they make you feel something really deep. Their pieces laced with intricate description helping you picture the exact intention of the writers piece.

R.j.Elsewhere: R.j.Elsewhere's writing is remarkable and inspiring. Their words always leaving me speechless......

mayfly: mayfly tells a story when they write, hidden messages encased by words waiting to be interpreted in many ways. In mayfly's pieces I am barely be able to tell that their not from a professional writer with 50 years of experience!

Serendipity: Serendipity's writing, while being relaxed and comforting is meaningful. Meaningful in a way most don't understand, meaningful to every single person uniquely. 

Lauren Nelson: Lauren Nelson expresses things in their writing so well that they may only have to write a few words and you know exactly what they mean. They don't need description because they obtain something else, something much more powerful.

Starlightsong: Starlightsong writes with I M P A C T. Once they grasp the readers attention, their eyes do not leave the page, trapped until their release at the paragraphs '.'

Quilling Leaves: When Quilling Leaves writes they never say too much or too little. They tell you what you need to know and leave out what you don't. They balance the attention span of the reader with their story.

Made4Love: Made4Love's writing satisfies me the more I read it. Every word I sit on the edge of my seat waiting for the next pleasing wave of words. Addicted I burn holes through the page (or in this case screen) reading eagerly.

Thank you everyone who helped me with finding some of these amazing people! Please continue to do so and if you haven't yet I encourage you to and would greatly appreciate it! I normally post something if I haven't found enough people but please help me not get to that point and put down any recommendations in the comment section. Thanks Sincerely _TJNR@cheshire_
Oh and everyone that reads this I just wanted an opinion on an Idea I had for the Shawards. I was thinking of notifying the people that are mentioned in the Shawards, in case they miss it. What do you think? Too over the top? I would love to hear your opinions!


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  • _TJNR@cheshire_

    No worries!

    over 1 year ago
  • Made4Love

    Aww, thank you _TJNR@cheshire_!

    over 1 year ago
  • _TJNR@cheshire_

    Thanks @Kahasai!

    over 1 year ago
  • Kahasai

    I really love that you do this. Please, keep it up!

    over 1 year ago
  • _TJNR@cheshire_

    No worries it was a pleasure! And thank you all for your opinions it will really help!

    over 1 year ago
  • Serendipity

    Oh wowee, a Shaward! Thank you for your kindness - it brought a smile to my face AND made my day! I, too, think that notifying the recipients after a few days (as the others have said) would be a great idea ^-^

    over 1 year ago
  • R.j.Elsewhere

    Thank you so much! This was beautiful to read, and sorry I haven’t posted in a while, Im holidaying in French and Geneva for a couple of weeks but I will be back soon and with a lot of new content!

    over 1 year ago
  • Anha

    Notifying is a good idea to keep in mind for writers who don't have friends on this site. I know R.j will definitely be getting a heads up from me about her shoutout today, but for future Shawards, that would be a good idea but I agree with SomeFormOfWriting in that you shouldn't do it immediately, wait a bit.

    over 1 year ago
  • _TJNR@cheshire_

    Thank you I will take this into account!

    over 1 year ago
  • SomeFormOfWriting

    Also, I think notifying people would be nice, maybe after a day or two though.

    over 1 year ago
  • SomeFormOfWriting

    Congrats all of you!

    over 1 year ago
  • _TJNR@cheshire_


    over 1 year ago
  • rosemarywisdom

    EVERYONE SHOULD FOLLOW KATHERINE BECAUSE SHE ROCKS and totally deserves all the credit!!!!

    over 1 year ago