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January 14, 2016


    When I was young, maybe twenty or twenty one, I was invited to go to a maskerade ball. I thought it would be fun, but I never have went to one before so I didn't know. My friends and family have all went to one and have all said that it would be fun. The decision to g was challenging, but finally, it was yes. 
    The ball was tonight, and there was nothing to wear. Taylor finally chose to wear a blue and white dress, with a blue mask on her face. The dress was amazing. After about an hour and a half, she had her hair, makeup, and outfit on. She was ready to go and wasn't going to let anything or anyone stop her from doing so. 
    She arrived in about thirty minutes. When she got to the place where the event was being held at, she saw many people and many lights. The thing she didn't like was the fact she or anybody else couldn't take off their masks until midnight. She was already ready to take it off.. 
    As she was walking up a few steps, she bumped into a man. He was wearing a red mask and a black suit. She apologized and he helped her up. She wanted to see his face so badly, but she couldn't. She said hello, and he said hello back, but when she asked him his name, he told her he wasn't suppose to tell. When she asked why, he said he had to go and left her on the steps by herself. She thought she has upset the man, but soon, she will figure out that wasn't the case at all. 
    About an hour of being there, she was getting tired and was ready to leave. It was 11:30 p.m. and she couldn't take it anymore. The mask and the dress had to come off. To Taylor, this was no fun at all. As she was almost to the door, the man in the black suit stopped her. She asked him to move, but he wouldn't. He told her it wasn't midnight and she couldn't leave yet. She tried to get away from him but, he grabbed her hand and escorted her to the main floor. She heard many gasps when he did so. He then told Taylor, it wasn't midnight and she couldn't leave. He had to go and quickly ran off. She was thinking to herself, "what a mysterious man". She then went to the punch table, and a woman greeted her. The woman's name was Alyssa. Alyssa was telling her how she has went to the ball every year hoping the man in the red mask would greet her. She said how he has been at every event that is held, but has never showed himself. Even at midnight, he wouldn't take off his mask. She also told how one time, a woman followed him when it was time to go, but before he reached the house, he called the cops and she was arrested. Taylor didn't understand how people were so crazy. But, she was tired and it was almost midnight and she was ready to leave. 
    The clock said 11:59 p.m. and she was happy. Finally, the clock hit midnight and people started taking off their masks. But before she could, the man in the red mask grabbed her and took her back to the main floor. He said that she was the one he wanted to take the mask off of. He slowly took off her mask. When it was off, she started to cry. She was so happy. She was waiting for him to take off his mask, but he didn't. He told her he wasn't going to, and that he had to go. 


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