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I want to talk to people about books and long walks in the woods, preferably somewhere warm, overlooking a lake. My favorite is genre is sapphic horror and my favorite celestial body is the moon.

Message to Readers

light. love. hope. take care of yourself and others. sometimes things help. sometimes things can give you hope.

What Helps

September 28, 2018


poetry helps sometimes
when my stomach is sicker
than my gut punch anger

it feels more appropriate than maybe
what i would say
to be polite

to be civil

it is the shape of texts to friends
it is the shape of the bile in the back of my throat
it is the shape of a mother in pain

children help sometimes
the act of caring for them
of seeing them through even a singular moment
of their lives

i have the answers to her questions
about words and their meanings
about the speed of her bicycle through a puddle

it rained today
and the residential parking lot
next to her house is an ocean

and i forget
and i forget
and i forget


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