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Anything and Everything: Prologue

By: star_girl








our stories.

This is my story. I suppose since it is a story, I should start at the very beginning. Way back when... well, let's just say none of this happened.

Believe what you want. You cannot escape fate. 

Been told that my whole life. 

Believe what I want. I cannot escape fate.

But I can tempt it. 

Message to Readers

Hope you like

Peer Review

I loved, loved, loved the spacing, and the last line is pretty awesome.

I'm just curious as to what *this* is. What happened? What's going on? Also, the first sentence/seven lines are very interesting, and I'm wondering why they are what they are.

Reviewer Comments

This is super cool, honestly! I love the writing style and the tone of the piece. If you continue this, I have a feeling it's going to be a really unique, really awesome novel!