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October 29, 2018

    1. advance or develop toward a better, more complete, or more modern state.
    This is the exact definition of progress, although what is means is up to you.
Look over the entire history of the world. The Big Bang, Dinosaurs, Cavemen, Columbus, Evolution... Bam!  Then there was now. 
    Now is such a fantastic moment. There's no thought that's put into now, no worrying about past mistakes or anticipating future problems.
    So many people would disagree with this statement. In the now, they wallow in their grief; in the now, they wail about what will become of them because of their mistakes.
    And everyone has a right to feel that way. And sometimes it's necessary to do so to become whole again. 
   And I could honestly say things are worse than they have ever been and ever will ever be. Look at all that has been dejected, all that is wrong, all that is horrible, broken, selfish, and painful. Evil.
    Look at war. Look at death. Look at politics. Look at all of the suffering. 
    And you know what? That's okay too. It's happening right now, and there might not be anything we can do. Try to see if you can be okay with knowing that it is going to be hard.
    Keep in mind the wisdom of the imagination. "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Said Gandalf in the Fellowship of the Ring. Know that you have made all of the right choices and that whatever you have done is correct. A perfect metaphor for this is nature:
    Look at nature. Look at the tree. Look at its roots winding through the forest around it. Look at how it has grown into its beautiful, messy, tangled mass without trying, just existing. Look at the names carved into the bark, both figurative and literal, and listen to the stories; listen to their stories of wisdom, hardship, sorrow, and peace. And when it falls, it feeds the forest for years to come, before finally merging with the earth again, to create a new forest of life. Look at how that is perfection, and that perfection doesn't always have to be that you got a perfect score on a test, or that you accomplished your lifelong dream. It can simply mean you just are. Because we all are, even when it gets bad, or when life goes haywire and we screw up.
Look at all we have accomplished, constructed, and thought up; it wasn't done it the past, it was done in the now.
    Tools, fire, language, art.
    The pyramids, which are made of 2,300,000 stone blocks.
    The Great Wall of China is 13,000 miles long.
    Philosophy let us see the world in a way we never thought to look at it before.
    Geometry allowed us to figure out the workings of the world with lines on paper.
    Cartography let us map the earth.
    Cars revolutionized transportation.
   The power of flight.
    To space, and then on to the moon.

    Through all of the hardship, look at all we have accomplished. Realize that we will prevail, and realize that we will do it because we are vulnerable and broken and messy.
    We make mistakes, people! And you know what? That's awesome! And no one can tell you otherwise because you had the best learning experience of your life. 
    Perfection and progress aren't boxed down into a label that can be given to some but not to others.
They don't have to stand for anything or represent some specific cause. They allow everything. Everything you want them to mean, or seem like, or feel like.          
    Sometimes when it's hard, you have to dig in deep and face the world as it is, with all of its wonderful sorrow, since we are made better from it, and it teaches us how to love; how to connect. 

    We're all being tumbled in a maelstrom of progress, and it could blast off into new dimensions of possibility. Just try to realize that you make the change, and that the change doesn't make you; we decide our future, and how we feel. 
    Slow down for a minute, and look. Look at how beautiful, thoughtful, and messy we are. Realize the power that brings, the power of accepting yourself and others. Realize that you can change the world as we know it.
    Be yourself, for you are the possibility.


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