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September 28, 2018


1. What TV shows did you watch as a kid?
       I was into Transformers stuff for a long while. I remember it was really strange going from cartoon robots to the ones in                   the movies that look very different.

2. Should pineapple be on a pizza?
        I like two kinds of pizza: pineapple-and-ham and mushroom. There are also two places in my general area that I'd eat any kind of pizza from because it's THAT GOOD. Trust me. 

3. If there is a word limit on a prompt/contest, what is your favorite length to write?
        Well I would prefer anything from zero to infinity but....I guess if I really had to pick I'd say between three hundred and one thousand words.

4. Why is your username what it is?
            My username is just my name. Irish. Everyone says "Ally" instead of "Ellie." Feel my pain.

5. What are your tastes in YouTube videos (if any?)
      I don't watch a ton of YouTube, but when I do, I watch clips from Monty Python movies (Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Monty Python Life of Brian) and also the older skits. Also cat videos. Way too many cat videos.

6. This is a moral dilemma: there is a boy band you don't particularly like. Either you get a giant face tattoo of their logo that will stay with you for life, or each member will drop dead of a seemingly unapparent reason. What do you do?
              Not into tattoos. Sorry boys. If it's any consolation I on't think I'd get a giant face tattoo for anybody.

7. What is your favorite season and why?
      I used to like summer a lot more but summers here at the Shore are getting progressively hotter, so I have to spend more and more time hiding from the heat. I think my favorite season is still summer but not by much. I also like fall before things get really cold. No extremes.

8. If you were given any three wishes, what would you wish for?
             Four years of peace and quiet to finish my book series; an excellent editor to help me fix and publish my book series; no bad fanfictions written about my book series.
                If I just so happened to have six wishes instead of three, I'd add on cooler summers, a seventh season of Downton Abbey, and the opportunity to play first base for the New York Yankees.

9. Cats or dogs?
            My Labrador Retriever, Vincent (Vince, Vin, or Vinny for short) is one of the cutest creatures I've ever seen. I'm not into small dogs but I also love my cats, Ping (old, fat, gray) and Dusty (runt of the litter, sassy&spunky, convicted mouse murderer).

10. Another moral dilemma (this is a classic one): A train is speeding across tracks, and you are the conductor.  Suddenly you realize that in the path that you are taking, there are five people on the tracks about to get hit.  However, on a side rail, there is only one person on the tracks, meaning that you could veer left and diliberately hit that one person instead of the five that you are about to.  What do you do?
            Are there people on the train with me? Could I drive the train off the tracks and jump out the door heroically ahead of a dramatic wall of flame? I'm assuming not because then this wouldn't be a dilemma. I no doubt sound horrible for saying I'd hit the five. That one person is just lying there knowing that some train is going to turn and run them over. Those five people are lying there knowing that the train is going to run over the one.


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  • Corner Writing Club

    There actually are versions of this philosophical dilemma that involve jumping out of the train and trying to push it out of the way—even if it’s sure to get you killed, you are doing all you possibly can to save those people.

    12 months ago