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Elie Assefa

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Do You Want To Join Fight Club?

January 15, 2016


    Without a doubt, Fight Club will leave you exhausted and burned out from the epic twists and turns it has. Adapted from the 1996 novel by Chuck Palahniuk, it leaves the viewer desiring and demanding a life of a legend. More than the packed abs and pure muscle Brad Pitt shows, or the sexual scenes that come out of nowhere, Fight Club is a mixture of self-discovery and crazy, blended in the best possible way.
The movie is about being an individual trapped in a world of capitalism and consumerism. It's about being powerless and being deprived of simple pleasures. It's about being paralyzed with fear that you don't live your life.
The shining star of this movie, Edward Norton is casted as the nameless narrator, who calls himself Jack after a set of magazines that display talking organs. (“ I am Jack’s brain”). He is an insomniac, who has a boring job and an unusual addiction to self help groups. These sessions help him cure his insomnia until Marla Singer(Helena carter)discovers he is a tourist of self help groups. Marla, also a tourist keeps Jack from getting proper sleep.
Brad Pitt plays the cool and daunting, Tyler Durden. Unlike Jack, Durden is not attached to the structure that holds his life together, whether that's his job or home. Durden is free and unstoppable while Jack is immobilized in many ways. These two characters clash when Marla Singer enters their life. This is when the movie transports you. You are laughing, angry, or crazed when  passing through an endless array of scenes that show a new type of generation with a completely different perspective.
When Norton’s character meets Pitt’s, Tyler Durden, they create Fight Club. There are eight rules to fight club. You do not break those rules. Meeting in a basement of a bar, grown men that have lost their ways meet and take on each other. At the end of this fights they are better men, ready to take on the world. As the plot deepens, other Fight Clubs form in different places. The organization grows bolder and they vandalized public property. In its climax, a gun is put into Jack’s mouth by Tyler. Was he shot? Watch to find out, you will be out of your seats.
Overall, the usage of different film techniques made the movie mesmerizing. Norton’s acting was flawless and Pitt’s was the perfect match. The newly recognized writer, Jim Uls will surely have a great career because the dialogue and plot were incredible. It never drifted too far from the book. He kept it interesting and current. The director, David Fincher unbelievably kept the hallucination scenes real and good. He took a risk by making a film that was out of the norm back then, but it paid off. It was a fantastic film that left viewers delirious and hooked. The movie immersed us into a wild world of fights and capitalism. You won't regret watching it. It is guaranteed.



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