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FILM REVIEW: the Scorch Trials

January 14, 2016

                                                                                                                                                                Khanh Pham
FILM REVIEW - The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials (2015)
The Maze Runner continues be one of the most popular young adult films. It came later than The Hunger Games, but still attracted lots of audiences. At first, I really wanted to hate The Maze Runner, it looks like they just somehow copied Lionsgate’s success in The Hunger Games. Both of them, The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games were adapted from the books that begin in a dark future. Both have attractive youth - the youth that make uprising against their cruel and cold-blood leaders. But last year’s The Maze Runner surprisingly went up, shoot off The Hunger Games’ shadow, created its own attraction, did exactly what it said on the advertisement, made laughs, gave thrills, led heartbreak… with perfect actions, scenes, everything.
Going along with the famous is the challenge. In the first series – The Maze Runner, Thomas, one of the main youth, waking up without any memory about his previous life, but became the leader, succeed help the group of captives escape from the killing maze to the real world. They discovered themselves were a few captives of the W.C.K.D -  the World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department – where teenagers were being tested in order to battle a horrible threat. They got the new place to live. After a long way of running in dread, they now are having freedom. BAM! It ends. How does this freedom keep going to be in the Scorch Trials? And isn’t it FREEDOM? That most important part is on the hand of Wes Ball who could handle it successfully, take the series go to the upper scale.
After breaking free from the Maze in the last film, in Scorch Trials, the film immediately takes up at the next point. Like I said, isn’t it the freedom that they were looking for? No, absolutely not, the W.C.K.D never let them go that easy. As a leader of the group, Thomas has soon learned that they were in the trap of the dangerous W.C.K.D. Again, the group quickly breaks free, then begins their new journey through a barren land, where they find out there are the others groups fighting with the undead people, would look to bring them back to the W.C.K.D for benefit. Once again, they have to leave, to find someone that in the same hand with them, against that organization. And Dylan O’Brien, he did good in his part, he drives the emotion back and forth match up with the character, the wise and brave man, having a good heart never leave any of his friends behind no matter what happens.
Spending two hours for this movie, you will see how it is deserved. Each part of the movie will bring you the unique thought. It could bring you laughs, but then you may cry. There are no way to guarantee about how you feel. The way this movie challenge the audience is what take the whole series went up. Giving yourself a chance and take a try. You see and evaluate it, yourself. For who are the fan, the lovers of this series, GOOD NEWS!! The final entry – the Death Cure is coming this February. Can’t any of you wait anymore? Particularly, myself can’t. From dislike to one of the lovers isn’t a long process. Start to watch it now and then catch up with what your community is talking about. 


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