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Andy lee

United States

Rush Hour 3 Film Review

January 21, 2016

Andy Lee                                            1/13/16
ELA 10
Film Review : Rush Hour 3
    It’s a hilarious comedy, action film that had me laughing until my gut almost burst. Though it is a fairly old film, it can still keep up with comedies made today. The chemistry all the characters create on set is fantastic, especially the partnership between the two main leads Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. This film had many funny moments deriving from these two characters interacting. It wasn’t completely fun and games though, there was also some drama that they also made work. They expressed the characters’ brotherhood, broken trust, and go more into Jackie’s character’s backstory that wasn’t established in the first two films. There were many interesting fight scenes, chase scenes, and gunfights that took place in both the U.S. and in France. The film also went into the subject of political corruption but it didn’t appear much. The fighting scenes showed the resourcefulness of the characters while also showcasing a few of the film’s funniest moments. In short, Rush Hour 3 was a great film, that had both great comedy, action, and great drama.

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