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A cute little ditty I thought of after something a friend told me.

Silly Silly

September 27, 2018


Silly, silly girl!
Silly, silly dreamer,
Silly, silly girl!

You think that you don't deserve love,
But that is far from true.
Your heart is big and made of gold,
Now who wouldn't love you?

You think that you are ugly, fat!
You're perfect as you are!
Your head is full of wonder and
Your eyes are brimmed with t̶e̶a̶r̶s̶ stars!

Silly, silly girl!
Silly, silly lover,
Silly, silly girl!

All you want is to fit in,
Be just like everyone.
But you know that you're not like them,
They're planets, you're the sun!

You're scared that everyone hates you,
Your anxiety, your biggest foe.
But every time you mention it,
Your friends' love for you grows!

Silly, silly girl!
Silly, silly loSer,
Silly, silly girl!

Your heart is heavy, not with gold
But because you're sad.
No one will go out of their way 
To make you feel wanted!

Stop pretending they like you
And just face the truth:
People have stopped caring about you
The way they did in your youth.

Silly, silly girl!
Silly, silly stupid!
Stupid, stupid girl!



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1 Comment
  • ALangford

    this is so relatable & lovely, well done!!

    over 2 years ago