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Ride Along Film Review

January 14, 2016

Erikson Gomes 
Period 4 
Mr. Doreian
Film review
                                   ‘ I got shotgun’

    For a number of years, the security guard named Ben has been trying to show his worth to a veteran cop, James because of his interest for his sister, Angela. Although James does not trust Ben, he gives him a chance by bringing him on a Ride Along.James and Ben’s relationship grew stronger throughout the movie. 
    Although Ride Along is a PG-13 movie, it doesn’t have as much violence in other PG-13 movies but it has lots of Profanity. Ride Alongs humor makes it one of people's favorites and inspired the Ride Along crew and its director, Tim Story. Kevin Hart is a comedian and an uprising movie star who plays Ben in the movie and the fact that he is a very known and loved comedian makes the movie popular and wanting to see. Ice Cube is a famous actor and rapper from a group named NWA.  
    Ride along is the perfect definition of a comedy and action movie. The part of the movie that most people like is the fact that Ben is not a real cop and has never touched a gun before but he ends up shooting a guy and his reaction is priceless. Personally my favorite part is Ben’s confrontations with James, the fact that he is afraid of James gives it a sense of humor.


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