I am 18.
A hijabi.
My dreams involve getting my first poetry book (that i am currently writing. The same one that is half-completed) published.

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September 26, 2018


I adorned your heart with lace.
And forced your soul into stars.
I peeled off my skin to show you my beauty and dug into your soil to grow hues and confetti.
I gave you my brushes to draw with the blood of your wounds and I gave you my walls to embellish them with your pain.

I sacrificed.
I did the impossible.

What did you do?
You adorned my heart with needles, pricking hard.

What did you do?
You forced my soul into storms.
You peeled off your skin to show me your polluted self and dug into my soil to remove my gold.

What did you do?
You threw away my brushes.
You hurt my walls with your ugly colours and left me with scrapes.

What did you do?
You did the possible.

And I shouldn't have expected the impossible.


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