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Amanda Ibner

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Four Brothers

January 14, 2016

Amanda Ibner
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Four Brothers
    When watching a movie where Mark Wahlberg is one of the  main characters, you already know it will be a movie worth watching. That’s why all expectations were met during “Four Brothers”. Four brothers Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Garrett Hedlund and Andre Benjamin set out to seek revenge for their mother’s death. What makes the movie is that the boys are adopted and the bond they have with one another is truly beautiful, each from different backgrounds and races. Director John Singleton has viewers wondering how the innocent adoptive mother Fionnula Flanagan can be killed during a robbery at the grocery store, showing she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was as if you were there on the day of the funeral, feeling nothing but angered and confused.  While watching you feel the same frustration Bobby (Mark Wahlberg) has throughout the whole film, out of all brothers he is the one who is trying his best to find his mother’s killer. Throughout the film I had confusion as well, one whether or not the killer would be found. There were some moments where tears almost came out because it showed the bond of brotherhood. The four brothers didn’t exactly have the picture perfect relationship and what’s even worse is that they had to come together for a funeral. I’d recommend this movie because it teaches life lessons to anyone, any age.


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