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A Reprimand

By: Maya!


How inexpressibly arrogant of you, to believe that I would be able to continue at all in your absence.

Peer Review

this piece was a scroll-stopper. you were able to convey so much in a single sentence, and there are so many stories that can be built out of it

the beauty of this piece resides in its ambiguity. this simple statement can speak to people in so many different ways, depending on what situation they themselves are going through. i went through a breakup recently, so that's where my brain went, but this speaks to any loss, from a friend to a grandparent to a beloved pet. so, to answer the question, no, there is nothing else i would like to know, other than maybe what inspired it

Reviewer Comments

i just, ahhhh, i love this. i've been trying to work on saying more in fewer words, and this piece is honestly what i'm trying to aim towards with my writing. thank you for writing it!