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I'm a Texan writer who's obsessed with grammar. A future lawyer. A nerd. A sister. A Christian. A rock climber. A roller skater. A singer. An actor. A not-a-dancer. A kaleidoscope of labels that are supposed to describe me.

Message from Writer

I write to move. I write to play the finely tuned instrument of the human mind. I write to cause laughter, and tears, to give worry and peace. I write so they will turn back three pages to make sure they read what they think they did. I write so they will set down my book with an awed thump, not daring to break the moment with a slam. I write so they will end the story with sadness and elation and nostalgia coursing through their veins all at once. I write to move.

Smart Kids

September 25, 2018


They say the test is common sense
I guess I don't have any then
They say if I studied I'll be fine
If I studied 8 hours, how many did they?
They moan about their 91s
When my 76 stares me in the face
"It's not that hard," They say
As I struggle to keep up.
Smart kids,
Do you just not understand?
If it's easy for you, it's hard for me
Because I got here from work
I'm not a genius
I'd probably be average.
I'm only at this school because my brother was
And because I push myself
So give me a break, smart kids
And maybe some help... How did you work number 4?
Something I wrote from something a friend said. They work incredibly hard to keep up in our (highly competitive) school.


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  • Ellie!

    I'm homeschooled but I know people who feel for this in their schools....I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting three contests! If you check out my piece YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY CLICK ON THIS you can explore the prompts! Thanks!

    about 1 year ago
  • janice

    Being not-smart isn't fun, but being smart isn't great, either. You can never win *sighs*

    about 1 year ago