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Silver Lining of Silver Linings

January 14, 2016

The Silver Lining of Silver Linings
    Directed by David O. Russell, Silver Linings Playbook is one of the most realistic romantic comedies one will ever encounter. Bradley Cooper does an excellent job as the protagonist Pat Solatano, a young man who was placed in a mental institution, after catching his wife and her lover in his house and beating him almost to death. At the mental institution he is diagnosed with a bipolar disorder. Pat’s mother, (Jacki Weaver), discharges her son against her husbands (Robert De Niro) rule. Pat has always believed that his wife Nikki is still in love with him and is waiting for him. As soon he is discharged he starts to think of ways to get close to Nikki and get her to fall in with him all over again. He soon realizes that his “wife” has put a restraining order against him.
    Pat then comes across a young widowed woman, Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) who is just a little more crazy than he is, this woman however promise to get a card that he wrote to his wife if he promises to dance with her in a competition. Pat eventually realized that Tiffany was using him as a partner and had no intention of giving his “wife” the letter. Somehow Pat manages to forgive her, and continues to be her dance partner. As the day start leading up to the dance competition, Tiffany and Pat start to get closer, and they start to fall in love. To both Tiffany’s and Pat’s surprise, Nikki is present at the dance competition, making Tiffany go crazy with jealousy.
    The film ends with Pat and Tiffany coming together for their first kiss. The director then zooms in on the kiss and fades out, to then fade into the future where Tiffany, Pat, and his parents are all joined together at home watching the Eagles game. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were born to play these role. They make the most beautiful couple, they are that couple that everyone hates, but could not live without.
    The film's title Silver Linings Playbook, is a portraying that even in the lonely of times, the darkest of places, you can and will find happiness where you least expect it. This movie will not only make you laugh with it hilarious adult content based comments, it will help you realized that happiness is bound to find everyone. It will make your heart melt with the love-hate relationship that Pat and Tiffany have. If you're ever in a rut, Silver Linings Playbook will be sure to lift your spirits. It is the silver lining, of silver linings.


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