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Super Hero Time

January 19, 2016

Film Review: Big Hero 6
Super Hero Time!

Do  you  ever  want  to  know  what  it  feels  like  to  be  a  superhero,  an ordinary person  who  fights  for  the  citizens and  underdogs  no  matter  how  hard  it  may  be? … Then  check  out  the  new  superhero  comedy-film  that  was  produced  by  Walt  Disney  Animation  Studios  titled  Big  Hero  6. It  is  a  2014  film  that  was  directed  by  Don  Hall  and  Chris  Williams.  It  became  the  third  biggest  Walt  Disney  Animation  Studios  to  relase  over  globally,  surpassing  Tangled  and  third  biggest  dometic  release  of  all  times.  The  film  was  inspired  by  the  Marvel  Comics  superhero  team  of  the  same  name.  It  tells  the story  of  a  young  robotics  prodigy  named  Hiro  Hamada  who  forms  a  superhero  team  in  order  to  fight  a  villain  wearing  a  Kabuki  mask(  James Cromwell ).  14-year  old  Hiro  participates  in  underground  robot  fights  in  order  to  earn  money and  just  for  kicks.  His  older  brother  Tadashi( Daniel Henney)  redirects  Hiro  and  brings  him  to  to  the  robotics  center  in  his  university;  San  Fransokyo  Institute  of  Technology.  At  the  robotics  center,  Hiro  meets  Fred ( T. J. Miller),  Wasabi( Damon  Wayans, Jr),  Go-  Go  Tomago(  Jamie Chung ),  and  Honey  Lemon( Genesis Rodriguez). ( These  people  will  become  a  superhero  team  with  Hiro  as  the  leader.)   While  at  the  university,  a  tragic  accident  occurs  and  changes  everything.  Hiro  starts  to  turn  to  a  robot  named  Baymax ( Scott Adsit ), who was created by  his brother.  Hiro  and  Baymax  eventually  forms an unbreakable  bond.

The  movie  was  supposed  to  be  a  superhero-comedy,  and  indeed  it  was. Baymax  was  made  into  a  hero  and  a  warrior. Baymax was originally created as a healer, and with the help  of  Hiro  and  some  nifty  programing,  Baymax  is also  a fighting robot.  He  was  also  created  to  help  people around  the  world. It's  not  everyday  you  see  a  robot meant for nursing  as  a  superhero.  I  mean,  we  got  to  love  Baymax. He's  no  ordinary  robot, he’s a giant plastic marshmallow.  In the comics, he was an aggressive butler robot, but not in the film. In  the  film,  it  focuses  mainly  on  the  bonds  of  family, friendship,  and  being  in  a  group.  Those  are  the  things  that  should  be valued  the  most.

The  film  also  showed  some  representation.  The  main  character  of  the  movie  is  an Japenese-American  and  he  is  portrayed  by  Ryan  Potter.  It  is  the  first  disney  movie  to  feature  a  Japenese  American protagagonist.  Ryan  Potter  does  a  great  job  of  playing  Hiro  because  he  is  very  likeable  and  was  able  to  make  his  character  appealing.  There  are  some  rare  cases  where  a  main  character  of  a  high  grossing  movie  is  played  by  an  Asian  person .  (The  last  time  I  saw   representation  was  in Power  Rangers  Dino Charge  where  Shelby  Watkins  portrayed  by  Camille  Manning  Hyde  is  the  first  African  American  actress  to  play  the  role  of  the  pink  ranger.)    Representation  matters, it makes characters more relatable and seem more real, and  that  this  was very  important  because  many  different  kinds  of  people  deserve  to  be  recognized.  The  directors  made  the  characters  based  on  a  Marvel  Comics  superhero  team  and  it  lacked  individuality.

       Big Hero 6 is  ethnically  diverse.  It  can  be  argued  that  this  movie  is  the  most  ethnically  diverse  Disney  animated  movie  ever  made.  Hiro  is  a  mixed-race  hero.  He  is  both  Japenese  and  American.  Ryan  Potter,  who  potrayed  Hiro,  is  also  Japenese-American.  The  other  actors  who  play  the  other  characters  are  also  from  different  cultures.  Wasabi  is  African-American,  Honey  Lemon  is  Venezulean-Cuban,  and  Go-Go  is  Korean  American.  It's  a  big  deal  to  see  an  amimated  movie  being  so  diverse.  This  is  pretty  cool!
The  movie  shouldn't  base  the  movie  just on  Hiro and  his  quest  to  find  out  what happened  to  his  brother.  It's dissapointing  to  see  that  the  movie  didn't  focus  that  much  on  the  two  superheroriones.  Hiro's  superhero  team  contains  of  two  females  and  three males . In superhero movies, the  females  are  generally  ignored  or  there  will  be  just  one  female  in  the  group. This  raises some  gender  issues.  Who  said  that  females  don' t watch/read  comics?  Females  also  like  "boy stuff"  like  superheros. There  should  be  less  objectification  and  more  extraordinary,  powerful  females  in  superhero  movies.  In  Big  Hero  6,  Marvel  vanquishes  all  gender issues.  Go- Go  and  Honey Lemon  are  very  incredible  superheroines  and  they  know how  to  fight  as  well  as  any  male.( They  are  not just someon'e  girlfriend, but  they  are  real  geniuses and  real  heros  fighting  for  what  is  right). Focusing on  those  two  herorines  will  show  people  that  women  can  be  whatever men  are  and that there shouldn't be gender inequality.

  People  should  watch  the  movie  because  it  is a  superhero  comedy-film  and  it's  supposed  to  be  funny.  They  should  recommend  it  to  their  family  and  friends.  It  is  also  a  sucessful  Marvel  animated  film.  Many  young  children  dream of  beciming  a  superhero  someday  and  helping  the  people  around  them  and  not  just  the  people,  the  entire  galaxy. One  of  Big  Hero  6's  charms  is  the  comedy.  Also  it  is a  fun  movie  to  watch  with  your  family.  Children  will  especially  love  this  film  because it  not  only provides comic  relief,   children  will  find  themselves  attracted  to  Baymax,  the  star  of  the  show.  Children  will  like  the  action-packed  movie  and  have  a  good  time.  Teens  should  watch this  film  because  it  is  something to  watch  for  fun  and  teens  should  find  the  importance  of  representation  in  the  movie. The film is fun and it teaches/reminds people of all ages the importance of family and friendship.


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