United States

maybe she's born with it

tonight-- a full moon

September 24, 2018


but her witchiness is still there
in the dried lavender, the scent lingering on her
the moon calendar,
hastily hung on the aging fridge
the endless matchboxes shoved in pockets
her long fingers,
etched with burns and blisters and scars
the way she turns slightly away
as the door opens
a pool of light and stars clashing with her deep purple aura
the way her translucent hair glistens under the fluorescent kitchen light
and she knows everything about the house-
the gentle slope of the third floor ceiling
the rough mattress in the guest room
the chalky toothpaste in the bathrooms
the way she used to know you


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  • Zoe G.

    last line is a KICKER

    almost 2 years ago
  • Zoe G.

    plz publish this i'm waiting
    also title: unbelieveable
    put this on your witchy wall!

    almost 2 years ago