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Foxmillionaire's 25 Question Q&A

September 24, 2018


1 If you could swap personalities with anyone who would you swap with? 
Someone who knows what they're doing.

2 What is your style in clothing?  
It varies? Usually short-sleeved shirt, jacket, long pants. You won't even catch me DEAD in shorts.

3 What are 10 things you want to learn how to do? 
1. Program
2. Write Songs
3. Drums
4. Electric Guitar
5. Skyglide
6. Stable Emotions
7. Math
8. Listen To My Friends Vent Without Feeling Like I'm Useless For Not Being Able To Help Them
9. Cook
10. MATH

4 If you were to be the very best at one thing what would that one thing be?  
Art. Please.

5 Pick 5 words to describe your personality. 
1. Naive
2. Overly Sensitive
3. Introverted
4. Easily Annoyed
5. Anxious

6 What do you hope you'll be doing by the time you're 25 
Man I'd be lucky to be alive at 25 the way things are going

7 If you could pick one thing to be famous for what would it be? 
Making a game.

8 Pick a fictional character who you think you're most like? 
Oogh, that's a hard one. Maybe Memoca from Wadanohara?

9 Pick a person on Write The World who you think you're most like. 

10 Top 5 favorite things to do. (hobbies or activities) 
1. Sleep.
2. Game.
3. Draw.
4. Write.
5. Eat.

11 If your house was on fire what five things would you rescue from it if you could? 
Sketchbook, Dog, Phone, Food, Myself

12 Have you ever made up words? What are they? 
Most of the words I've made up are vulgar insults.
My favorite is probably fuckhammer.

13 Write your christmas gift list (be as unrealistic as you want!) 
- My ability to trust people

14 What would your dream home be like? 
Deadass just make sure I have wi-fi, resources to live, a good security system, and a gaming room and you can do whatever with the rest

15 Any catch phrases or words you often use?  
M I L K  (its an inside joke)
Ah, Ynnae/Oh Ya Know

Eh, seatbelt

16 If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name? 
hello yes can I legally change my irl name to flynn

17 What are some of the best compliments you've ever received? 
I was told I'm a good friend with good art.

18 What are some natural talents you have (like charm or grace)? 
I'm fairly agile and skinny, so I can make it through those laser maze things pretty well.

19 Some other talents you have? (It's okay to brag a little)  
Me me big good puzzle solver.

20 What are some sick comebacks you would like to use on someone? (You can also include the insults that you would use them on) 
Alright time to list some made up insults
- Fuckhammer
- Bitch Canoe 
- Absolute Assmop
- You Shitty Two-Brick Lego Piece

21 What "old person" things do you do?
 I complain at really loud noises.

22 You have three wishes. And you can wish for anything accept for more wishes. What do you wish for? 
1. I want to meet my boyfriend please?? I wanna give him big smoocmh
2. I want my friends to know they're amazing. and good people.

3. Can I wish away my tits

23 What three faults can you not stand in a person? 
1. Wiccan/Pagan (personal reasons, nothin to do with religion tho)
2. Plays the Victim when they do something wrong
3. Loud

24 What five personality traits do you love in a person? 
1. Loyal
2. Trustworthy
3. Funny

25 Make an A to Z list of things you like. 

Every one of my friends
Flying Snakes
Glowing Stuff
Hanging Lights
Into The Zone (song)
Just Shapes and Beats
Light Shows
Nevada (monstercat)
Online Games
The Property of Hate
Unown (Pokemon)


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