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Only reposting because I need my honor and I forgot one of the i's in millionaire

Foxmillionaire's 25 Question Q&A

September 24, 2018


Isn't conformity fun? I wasn't initially gonna do this but a lot of people are so here's another bandwagon I'm hopping on :D

 If you could swap personalities with anyone who would you swap with? 
    As much as I talk about hating myself and everything I am, I like my personality as is. If I had to, though, I think I'd switch with Thomas Sanders cos that boy brightens up the world just by existing. 
2 What is your style in clothing?  
    I'm slowly getting into more aesthetic stuff. I used to be full emo but now I'm getting into brighter colors, skinny jeans and ripped jeans are always must-haves, and I wanna try crop tops but I have a belly so that can't happen xP
    I'm still not big on shoes or see the importance in the styles of them.
3 What are 10 things you want to learn how to do? 
    -Play guitar
    -Speak fluent Spanish
    -Speak fluent Korean
    -Code computers at a more advanced level than I'm already at
    -Better karate lmao
    -Be social
    -Be aesthetic
    -Write stories that people actually wanna read aahaha
    -Love myself uwuwuwuw
4 If you were to be the very best at one thing what would that one thing be?  
    -Singing or songwriting probably :o I've been wishing for that since forever
5 Pick 5 words to describe your personality. 
    Happiest hedgehog, but with depression :) 
6 What do you hope you'll be doing by the time you're 25 
    I want to be a published author. It's what I've wanted since I was a little kid and I'll cry if none of my stories are published before I turn 26. Hopefully my works are appreciated and loved, rather than overshadowed and ignored.
7 If you could pick one thing to be famous for what would it be? 
    If not writing (because authors still aren't incredibly popular unless they're J.K. Rowling), then singing. I've been singing for about as long as I've been writing, if not longer. 
8 Pick a fictional character who you think you're most like? 
    Jared Kleinman: Comic relief, ultra-depression, insecure + 1000, the easily-replaceable best friend and never anything more. 
9 Pick a person on Write The World who you think you're most like. 
    I wanna say LackingASocialLife, but I feel like that's a bit biased because I love her work and attitude and I wanna be her but I'm kind of a loser. Anha's cool too but she doesn't know I think that, I don't think.
10 Top 5 favorite things to do. (hobbies or activities) 
    -Listening to music
11 If your house was on fire what five things would you rescue from it if you could? 
    -My laptop
    -My 707 jacket
    -My Polaroid cameras
    -My lava rock bracelet
    -My dog
12 Have you ever made up words? What are they? 
    Irruda- the name of an animal I created
    Negatify- pretty basic, just means to make something negative
    Nothing too snazzy
13 Write your christmas gift list (be as unrealistic as you want!) 
    :00 Unrealistic?? okay
   -A boyfriend
    -A hedgehog
    -An axolotl
    -A working cell phone
    -Some device to make fictional characters real
    -Lucas the Spider
    -A drawing tablet
14 What would your dream home be like? 
    Near a lake in a forest. Creme colored, black trim. Cottage-style aesthetic with a small office to write in and a small soundproof room to scream/sing/cry in whenever I need.
15 Any catch phrases or words you often use?  
    "I'm worth two dollars and a ball of lint."
    "I wanna be aesthetic, but instead I'm just pathetic."
    "Oh my heck."
    "Don't swear, that's naughty."
    "*insert high-pitched hiccup that everyone thinks is a sneeze*"
    "I love him more than life itself."
    "It's 7:07!!!" 
    "Ayo B"
    "I will physically fight you"
16 If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name? 
    Ashe. It's one letter off from my real name, everyone knows how to pronounce it without me correcting them seven hundred times, and it looks aesthetic in my opinion. Edgy but also not. 
17 What are some of the best compliments you've ever received? 
    "You have a really nice voice. Like, just a nice talking voice."
    "Your thoughts and feelings are valid."
    "You're real with me, and that's more than I could ask for."
    "I believe in you, and so does he." (Talking about the boy I love.)
18 What are some natural talents you have (like charm or grace)? 
    -Forgiveness. In spite of other things I may say, I am incredibly forgiving. I didn't even realize it until my mum told me to stop forgiving a toxic friend.
    -Sympathy/empathy. No matter what happened, what you did, what you're going through, who you are, I'm always there to listen and empathize. 
    -Loyalty. I'm like a dog. If I like you, I'm gonna be clingy as heck until you give me a reason to leave you.
19 Some other talents you have? (It's okay to brag a little)  
    -I can stop crying on command. I used that talent yesterday :D Is that a talent or is that just a thing?
    -I'm incredibly persuasive so watch out, wink wink
    -I can play viola. Not violin, viola.
    -I can mimic accents. Whatever accent- if someone is talking to me and they have an accent, I will mimic it as I talk back. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes accidentally. One time I had a British accent for two months after talking to my friend, who at the time had a heavy accent.
    -I can read people very well. There's no hiding from me >:D
20 What are some sick comebacks you would like to use on someone? (You can also include the insults that you would use them on) 
    (This isn't really a comeback but it made my friend die of laughter):
    Me: I'm hungry, but I want something cold. *Talking to my friend* Do you think they sell anything cold here?
    My best friend's boyfriend: Why would anyone be selling cold food?
    Me: Uh... maybe cos it's hot outside?
My friend: *dies of laughter for three minutes*
    My only comebacks have ever been and always will be "I'll fight you" and "shut up you're gay"
21 What "old person" things do you do? 
    I check my emails a lot more than I should and scream at people to stop swearing.
22 You have three wishes. And you can wish for anything accept for more wishes. What do you wish for? 
    -The boy I love to actually exist
    -A will to live other than that beautiful boy
    -To be fluent in every language, including things like sign language and binary code
23 What three faults can you not stand in a person? 
    -Is there one word for "being the biggest jerk alive and knowing it"?
24 What five personality traits do you love in a person? 
    -Loyalty as great as mine
    -Some sort of backbone, dignity
    -People who let you know how important you are to them
25 Make an A to Z list of things you like. 
    Dean Winchester
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Little things
    No homo? no hetero ahahah
    Safety Pins
    The boy I love
    You :)
    Zippers because I like playing with them and they make a satisfactory sound like zzpzzoozzpzzooo
I don't know how to link but if ya wanna do the same q&a then go to Foxmillionaire's profile uwuwuwuwuwu


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