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Alejandro Melguizo

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The Shining; review by Alejandro Melguizo

January 13, 2016

Alejandro Melguizo
                                                                                            The Shining
“Your wife appears to be stronger than we imagined, Mr. Torrance. Somewhat more... resourceful. She seems to have got the better of you. For the moment, Mr. Grady. Only for the moment”. As we watch the protagonist Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) becomes insane , as his wife Wendy Torrance (Shelley Duvall) and his son Danny Torrance (Danny Lloyd) explore the hotel they are stuck in for five months. This was a book written by Stephen King transformed into a movie in 1980 by Stanley Kubrick the director of films such as, A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jackets, and many others. This movie shows a man who has taken a job to take care of a Hotel for the winter because they close down because of the snow. Jack Nicholson is perfect playing Jack Torrance a homicidal husband is a perfect pick for the actor in my opinion. He is perfect because he has that creepy and unsettling smile. He stays with his family, Wendy his wife and Danny his Psychic son. He is stressed because he is having trouble writing a book and family responsibilities keep on getting in the way of his concentration. This stress mixed with a vow to stay sober, and isolation leads to a very unpleasant and homicidal Jack. And we get to watch as his family discovers more and more things about this Hotel that they are staying in. This movie is a weird, to say the least. This isn’t to say it isn’t great it is. It just has many elements that aren’t supposed to explained but inferred by the viewer.  And if you miss these details or don’t understand them it becomes hard to understand. There are countless differences between the book and the movie. Such as an ambiguous ending which many people have speculated on what means in the movie but has a definite ending in the novel. Another difference from the novel to the book is the use of silence for tension. Although Stanley Kubrick changed many things from the book to the movie representation Overall these small changes don’t detract from the greatness of the movie. As mentioned earlier his son Danny is physic. He sees the danger that awaits them in the Hotel and the Chief from the Hotel calls this ability Shining. Danny has an imaginary friend that seems to know the future. The friend is apprehensive about telling Danny the whole truth about what he foresees about the Hotel. This Thriller was creepy and had “it” where it counts in all the aspects. It has very good reviews overall and I personally really enjoyed it. But if you have not read the book or at least understand the book’s plot then it will be difficult to understand many of the what seem to be miscellaneous mysteries such as the end and the “dog man.” Overall this film contains the right amount of mystery, dramatic Irony in the fact that we know more than the characters at some points. This film used a mix of close ups to make reactions more emphasized, medium shots to capture dialogue and interactions between characters and a lot of tracking shots to show movement throughout the hotel. I would recommend anyone who enjoys tense and creepy movies to watch this great movie. It is not your usual jump scared movie but forces you to think about what it is you are watching.


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