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Nycosia Mack

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The Color Purple Film Review

January 13, 2016


Nycosia Mack
ELA 10/Period 5
Film Review
The Color Purple
    I thought the movie itself was rather good but it had good and bad points throughout the film. Sometimes you expect the movie that follows the book to be to be way better than the book, but in this case the book was way better in the sense that it captured the emotions of all the characters and brought them to life. The Color Purple is a sentimental tale that reveals emotional truths in American history. It taught the importance of women's relationships with other women,and  the power of the sisterly bond throughout the book and film. The plot is the success after hardships, injustice and neglect.
    It is a story of success shown through the victims’ determination. Abused and raped by her own father, Celie’s(Whoopi Goldberg) son and daughter are also sold to another family by him. She was forced into marriage to Mr.______(Danny Glover) that also abused her. Nettie(Akosua Busia) escapes the cruelty of  Mr.___ and goes to work as a housemaid and caretaker in one Reverend Samuel’s household. The Samuel goes to Africa for missionary work and brings along Nettie to accompany the family. Little did they know that Adam and Olivia are Nettie’s niece and nephew. The story is told through these letters sent from Ceclie to Nettie and God. At the end of the movie Celie is reunited with her children and develops a new perspective of God.
    I thought the movie itself was rather good.The movie was written for entertainment and lost the aspects that were important to the book. It added a small number of scenes,and forgot to add the important scenes that helped developed the book. Young adults such as teenagers should read the book and watch the movie because it teaches you different life lessons that no matter how hard life is keep pushing through and everything will come your way.


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