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This is something that came from split second inspiration. I haven't written in awhile, so any recommendations and criticism is welcome! I hope you enjoy this piece!


September 23, 2018


    If one seeks a story, they must look for the bones. If you find bones in the forest, sit and stay for a while. Listen. The ones in the forest are especially skilled at spinning tales. They tell tales of long ago, before the trees grew to tall enough to brush the sky with delicate fingers. If you listen long enough, they may whisper accounts of how the streams wound their way through the forest, carving out canals and shaping the land around them in ways that only the water can. On rare occasions, when the stars are aligned just right between the leaves, the forest bones might tell you a spell or two.
    Not the type of spell that so many are used to. These spells are not the gibberish fabricated by people who cannot stand the world they live in, and in turn, they create others. No, these spells are too simple yet too complex to be assigned a few letters. They are spells woven into stories and uttered between the crude syllables of human tongues. They entrance the mind and twist the threads of reality into living things that flow among the real world. Some have attempted to assign these spells a name. “Fate”, some call them. Others refuse to hear or accept it, pushing the idea away and insisting that they are in control. However, that is beside the point. Only the bones in the forest know the spells and only they can tell such stories. So my friend, if you seek a story, seek the bones in the forest.
    “The bones by the sea, ” you ask? I happen to be an expert on those bones. It’s such a tragedy that so many of us are experts in harmful things. If you see bones by the sea, my Run back the way you came, and don’t look back. The bones by the sea carry a warning. If you’re foolish enough to stay and listen, you’ll catch the faint sounds of splintering boards, drunken hymns, and siren songs drifting between the murmurs waves scraping across the smooth planes of sand. They pull you in, ensnaring the senses until all you can see, smell, hear, taste, and touch is the sea and her bones. A wise man will tell you, “stick to the forest paths and the kinder bones.” The path where grass and dirt meets sand and sharp protrusions of rock can only lead to us. And we, my friend, can only whisper warnings of our master that fall upon deaf ears until the last thing you hear is the faint lilt of the siren songs drifting through the fog.


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  • Luna Lemon

    The idea of these "bones" in the forests telling fates, spells, and stories was so well done. Gosh, I could go on and on about your writing style and give you A MILLION examples of how well this was written. One being: "woven into stories and uttered between the crude syllables of human tongues". This just read so poetically and your word choice really added to the somewhat cryptic/mysterious tone(woven, uttered, crude, etc).
    I love how you contrast these "bones" with ones near the sea. The tone suddenly darkens as you add words like, "run, faint, splintering, drunken, murmurs, scraping, ensnaring, etc" and talk about the dangers that the sea causes.
    And that ending was phenomenal with leaving the reader with a dark mystery.
    This was incredible! Great job and keep writing:)

    about 2 years ago
  • Kess

    Thank you!

    about 2 years ago
  • Johanna

    This is such a beautiful and meaningful piece! The wording you chose etched great imagery in my mind, and the metaphorical meaning behind this is so deep. Keep on writing!

    about 2 years ago