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Wish you were here Lanea!

Rohan's Gone Again!

January 13, 2016


Oh what woe I must hold!
Not only must I suffer the horror of a hiatus,
but now Rohan is not present to help me drown my sorrows!
With water!
(Don't get the wrong idea or somethig. Water is a perfectly good drowning mechanic too!)
Oh, why cruel fate/karma?
What is it that I hath done to be deserving of such torment!
Today was to be a day of sharing but such plans were thwarted by Dreese's meeting of teachers!
Oh what is it I have done to have to be merely able to sit idly as the room descends to chaos?
Oh Rohan! 
Alas if you were present then perhaps it would be a brighter time! 
*sighs overdramatically*  


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