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You'd think that by the amount of writing I do on this website that I would have something interesting here but boy were you wrong.

foxmillionaire's 25 Question Q&A

September 24, 2018


SO. I haven't done something like this and tbh I've always wanted to do it lol. I try to be interesting but you can decide for yourself... This is from Foxmillionaire's 25 Question Q&A!

1. If you could swap personalities with anyone who would you swap with? 
Well... I guess one of my fav English teachers- she has this ability to make you wonder whether she actually likes you and gosh her ability to make Pride and Prejudice puns are... well... it's a universally acknowledged truth tbh.

Online, it would have to be ChairsRAwesome or Araw or Anha or any of my amazing friends cause they are all awesome and have super personalities!

2. What is your style in clothing?
 Usually, I go for skinny jeans and button up shirt and massive boots (my doc martens never fail me). I never seem to run out of statement jewellery, especially earrings which is super weird (I want more).

3 What are 10 things you want to learn how to do?  
  1. Identify clouds by their scientific names
  2. Be able to fingerpick properly on the guitar
  3. Make better tea
  4. Palm read properly
  5. Latin (speaking and reading omg please)
  6. Psychoanalyse people 
  7. Write music/songs
  8. To get a photogenic memory? Is that possible?
  9. Remember all the elements of the periodic table just so that I can sing the song.
  10. Write better tbh

4. If you were to be the very best at one thing what would that one thing be? 
 I think, if you could be the best at giving compliments to people, I'd like to be that :)

5. Pick 5 words to describe your personality. 
Quirky, tea-loving star trek nerd.

6. What do you hope you'll be doing by the time you're 25 
Uhhh... hopefully, I would have decided what I actually wanted to do and be happy with that as well as being happy with my fam and friends!

7. If you could pick one thing to be famous for what would it be? 
I think, if you could be the best at interpreting people (especially their feelings), that would be super cool

8. Pick a fictional character who you think you're most like? 
God idk... maybe Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter??

9. Pick a person on Write The World who you think you're most like. 
Don't want to flatter myself but ChairsRAwesome.

10. Top 5 favourite things to do. (hobbies or activities) 
  1. Playing guitar or ukulele and singing
  2. Painting with watercolour
  3. Scrolling through Pinterest or Tumblr
  4. Playing 1010!
  5. Hanging out with fam and friends.
11. If your house was on fire, what five things would you rescue from it if you could?
  1. My Family, especially my dog
  2. My French Fry pillow
  3. My capo for my uke
  4. My collection of birthday cards over the years and 
  5. My Baymax tea mug. 
12. Have you ever made up words? What are they? 
I reckon I have made up words but most I can't remember. The only time I remember is when I was tongue tied and asked my friend if they were in a "struggle buggle"  to which they replied: "very much so."

13.9 Write your Christmas gift list (be as unrealistic as you want!) 
  • A llama fully equipped with a Peruvian poncho
  • One single person I can confide in about every single thing that I experience and who will listen without judgement
  • A world where people are mostly happy 
  • And possibly a new pair of good headphones cause mine just broke :(
14. What would your dream home be like? 
Either a tiny cabin in the woods outfitted with a wall made of glass and an indoor campfire or a studio apartment in the middle of the city filled with fairy lights and potted plants. 

15 Any catch phrases or words you often use?  
* evil laughs*. I'm known for 'cool beans', 'awesome sauce', 'far out', generally just using 'ya'll ' to address massive groups of people and 'hiya' or 'heyo' online.

16. If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name? 
TBH, I quite like my name irl and I don't think I'd really change it. If I had to, maybe a Charlie or a nice name starting with the letter 'A'.

17. What are some of the best compliments you've ever received? 
  • "Your shoulder is nice to sleep on"
  • "Wow, you are actually super cute"
18. What are some natural talents you have (like charm or grace)? 
I can make friends pretty easily, some call me super mature and others say I can charm like no other ;)

19. Some other talents you have? (It's okay to brag a little)
  •  I can turn my eyelids inside out (it looks as disgusting as it sounds)
  • I make a super good tea
  • Pretty good at giving advice (most of the time at least ha)

20. What are some sick comebacks you would like to use on someone? (You can also include the insults that you would use them on) 
Nothing sick about this but I've always wanted to yell "I sure hope it does" when I see a 'roadworks' sign especially if I'm with a bunch of my friends (This isn't really a comeback? I'm a simple person- I don't like insulting people at all).  
wAiT. actually... nevermind.

21. What "old person" things do you do? 
Apart from not really knowing how to use social media and using tonnes of ridiculously ancient vocabulary, I think I'm fairly hip with the kids. 

22 You have three wishes. And you can wish for anything except for more wishes. What do you wish for? 
  1. Have the vocabulary of thesaurus.com
  2. Provide food for everyone on the earth directly
  3. A faster metabolism 
23. What three faults can you not stand in a person? 
  1. Refusing to at least accept someone else's point of view/opinion
  2. Acting like someone you're not and
  3. Being plain rude 
24. What five personality traits do you love in a person? 
  1. Inclusive
  2. Empathetic
  3. Genuine
  4. Humour
  5. Acceptance
25. Make an A to Z list of things you like. 

Autumn gum ball leaves.
Burgundy colour palettes.
Cacti and succulents.
Dictionary.com's word of the day.
Enormous eyes.
Friend's smiles.
Genuine Hugs.
Huge sunflowers.
Inky black ballpoint pens.
Jars with tealights in them.
Knitten sweaters.
Large flower bulb seeds.
Massive round frames for glasses.
National weather forecasts, especially from BOM.
Oversized hotel bathrobes.
Petrichor (the smell after it rains after a long time).
Questions in general. 
Real good Triple J-like playlists on Spotify
Star Trek (especially the enterprise with Capt. Picard or the new-ish movie series with Chris Pine).
Tea (obviously).
Umbrellas that are transparent.
Vases filled with dried flowers.
Water falling from the sky (aka rain).
Xtra whipped cream on my mocha.
Yellow Vespas. 
Zips that never get stuck.


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  • -Foxmillionaire-

    Awesome job at this. (Also I'm so jealous of that baymax mug) Thanks for doing my Q&A I hope ya enjoyed it. ;D

    over 1 year ago
  • rainandsonder

    Road work ahead? Yeah, I sure hOpE it does!

    over 1 year ago
  • Araw

    I think u mean photographic memory. I want one, too tbh.

    over 1 year ago
  • rosemarywisdom


    I also say cool beans in real life, however I cannot even begin to imagine typing it in one of my pieces online XD

    over 1 year ago
  • ChairsRAwesome

    Tsk awwwww thanks

    over 1 year ago
  • Onion3102

    Thank u- clearly, I can't grammar ahaha

    over 1 year ago
  • Anha

    Tea-loving is not one word lmao. Should've added that to the old person list

    over 1 year ago