to die by your side would be a heavenly way to die

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hello y’all! my name is prachi and i am from india. I am sixteen years old. i love being full of passion and i am a fervent lover of art, music, poetry, history and philosophy. Instagram : eternalise & tumblr : seraphicbeings

you are everything and more.

September 22, 2018


van gogh caressed your skin in ways the blue jays flap their wings to smear the cerulean sky in shades of rose-gold. his silken fingertips have felt your soft velvet anklets like sunshine twirling in your lover’s hair. his brushes have painted you like sweet irises patterned on your waistline. he held you until you became the firelight sheaved into aphrodite’s veins. until you became unearthly. 

mozart kissed your cherry lips and played the divine ballads dancing on them. your bones are ribboned with the sweet symphonies dripping from his fingers. he wants to whisper soulful music into your ears and adorn you with elegant candle lights. you remind him of the beautiful archaic tunes sung by the medieval singers on late summer nights. 

shakespeare calls you as lovely as the scent of old bookrooms. he wants to swathe himself in the greek sonnets growing from your crimson bruises. his poetry has fringed your heart with windflowers and turned you into the sheen of sistine chapel. his words brush your skin with scarlet shadows. he loves you in your entirety. i believe we all do. 

the world might become a dreary place one day. but with you,
i will always know what it means to be in the presence of art. 

-prachi golecha


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