to die by your side would be a heavenly way to die

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hello y’all! my name is prachi and i am from india. I am sixteen years old. i love being full of passion and i am a fervent lover of art, music, poetry, history and philosophy. Instagram : eternalise & tumblr : seraphicbeings

seven sentences about my lover

September 21, 2018



i. my heart glisters when i see you gazing at the licorice black sky, like you could paint it rose-golden with just a few strokesof your eyelashes.

ii.    i swear you look so beautiful when you are prodded by soft moonlight, it is 
       when i can see your eyes teeming with something that can never be 
       dormant within you : beauty.
iii.   each and every crevice of your heart is etched with sappho fragments,do
       you realise how poetic you are?

iv.   i wish i could paint you like a triptych but honey, every inch of your skin deserves to be stroked by apollo’s ichor, that’s how holy you are. 

v. trust me, you are no less than an earth angel.

vi.   every time i press my lips to your collarbones, i see your body glisten         
  golden as if i have ripped open the sun that sheathes inside you.

vii.  sometimes i wish i could unlearn how ethereal you are,because i am so devoured by your beauty that i have forgotten how to appreciate mine.


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  • Doktor Habit

    I. LOVE. THIS. You can FEEL the adoration radiating off these lines! Definitely a wonderful piece, keep writing!

    over 1 year ago