Jazmine Alexus

United States


January 12, 2016

Her hand was pressed against his broad chest. Tears streamed down his cheeks and she slowly wiped them away with her other hand. A few slid off the tip of his nose. He walked across the room, leaving her standing there in the middle of the room. The brown recliner cracked and popped beneath him as he collapsed. His tears created puddles. He screamed at her. "You idiot! Why-how-ugh. To me?" 
She allowed herself to walk over to him again. His fists were clenched and a vein slightly protruded from his neck. He was screaming but the words were failing him. Spit and tears mixed at the corners of his mouth. She hated seeing him like this. His brown curls a mess and he smelled of liquor. Her hand found his fist and she looked into his eyes.
He stood quickly and walked to the kitchen. He stood staring out the window above the sink. She sat down in the recliner, "I can't stay here if you continue to act like this," a glass smashed against the wall in front of her. A bottle. She buried her head in her hands and tried to close everything out. He began to scream again, "Do you see me? I hope you feel guilty! I'm practically losing my mind..." His voice trailed off and he slid down the wall to the floor. 
He sat there on the floor with his knees pulled up to his chest. His head was resting on his knees. He stayed there most of the night. Until she found him there and sat beside him, her white dress was draped across her ankles and the floor. She pulled him over to her. She layed his head down gently on her lap. He stretched and made himself comfortable, still sleeping. She pushed back his soft curls to show his face. His thin nose had little freckles across the bridge of it, "i love them" she said kissing his nose. His cheeks were peachy and his lips were pulled  in a harsh angle. She kissed his cheeks and whispered "I hope you know I'll have to leave tomorrow. I hope you are ready." With those words her lips quivered and a horrible cracking noise came out of her mouth. Tears rushed down her cheeks. Her hand brushed through his brown hair over and over. 
They stayed there like that until morning. He stood up from the floor and pressed his hand to the countertop. His free hand pushed his bangs away from his eyes. They were bloodshot and watery. He took a few deep breaths and a sip of whiskey from the flask. He looked at the picture hanging on the wall "I love you." 
"I love you." She answered, waiting by the door. He walked over to her and pulled his boots on. He was too tired to lace them or pull his jeans out of them. They walked to the car and went for a short drive. 
They pulled into the long gravel road. The car jostled around and a note slid out of the visor into his lap. He slid it into his pocket and continued driving up the hill. When they reached the top, the small sign welcomed them. 
"Top of the Rock cemetery." He whimpered staring at what was in front of him. He walked through the graveyard, weaving his way through headstones paying careful attention to where he walked. "I figured you would like this, the view is beautiful from up here." He said kneeling down in front of a headstone. His hand traced her name. He placed his hand in his pocket, searching for the note. When he found it, he read it out loud. "I miss you. Everyday i drink away my problems and cry myself to sleep. It wasn't your fault. I pulled out infront of the truck, not you. I'm the reason we will never have the wedding we planned on, the kids we wanted, or a huge mansion with a pool. But, i have learned to move on. I think this is the only way you will find peace. I love you forever baby." 
She placed her hand to his back, "You did it. I love you." And just like that she was gone.


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