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16 years old ~ high school grad ~ gap year~Homeschool grad~ daughter of Christ ~ Adopted ~ new writer ~middle child of 7~
Writing is the only release I have... it keeps me going, please help me get better at it.

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I recently started writing after I lost someone very special to me, they were my whole life. I started writing just to pass time, but it quickly started to become more than that, I started thinking about everything and everyone I looked at and comparing it to my life. I soon came to the realization that I am blessed, and I’m not alone... I have God. He turned something I was using as a distraction into a outlet, it taught me to more than just look at stuff, but to think about it, and figure out what it has to do with me, I believe there is a reason for everything, and that there is a reason for me... there is a reason for all of us!


September 20, 2018


Loss for words
yeah, I know the feeling
you think you have it figured out
really, enlighten me
can’t answer
that’s what I thought
forget my opinion 
I must be wrong
how would you know anything
about me
its been to long
oh, you keep your eye on me
you think I believe you 
ha! That’s funny
I stopped believing your lies
a long time ago hunny
when you decided that 
I was not worth it
when I stopped being
considered a person
when you decided I was 
a possession 
why would I want that back
I know why
I don't
I don’t need you cause 
I am worth it!
and you better believe
I know it..
I know who you are
you live in the shadows
and only tell lies
you scared I know that? 
because I won’t fall
for your games
I now know the rules
there aren’t any
except that you don’t 
tell the truth
I know this now
it should scare you
because now
you have no power
when you open your mouth
or lift your hand
I no longer cower
yeah, run away now
but don’t expect to
fool someone else
cause I told the whole town. 


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  • Luna Lemon

    Just finished my review for this piece! Great job and hopefully it will be shared soon;)

    about 2 years ago