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How I'm changing, and the world is too

September 20, 2018

This year brought with it one of the biggest changes in my life, high school. Suddenly I was pushed out of my safe little bubble into world full of final exams, A’s B’s and C’s, and lots of paperwork. I’m six weeks in and still adjusting to the sheer amount of work that I have to do on a daily basis. As my world was changing and spinning around me I found myself looking to the world around me for any sense of normalcy, a sign that the ground hadn’t fell out from beneath everyone else, just me. Only what I found was that everyone else in the world around me was pretty much freaking out as much as I was.

As I was panicking about high school, the world was panicking about constitutional crisis, global warming, nuclear war and just about everything in between. Nothing was the same as it had been, and the things that we’d previously held onto in times on change were flowing down the river right in front of us. Gone, and it seemed like everyone had found themselves adrift in the current, not being able to see where they're going and just praying to live until they got there.

I looked out the world around me and couldn't see anything but the inevitable change in front of me. The rising tide of new responsibilities, new deadlines, new commitments, new stress. I couldn’t see what else was out there, beyond the waves, I didn’t even think there could be anything. And everyone in the news media didn’t seem to be able to see anything else either. They were getting smacked in the face with scandal after scandal after tweet after congressmen being indicted for insider trading and it all seemed a bit much for them to handle, for our country to handle.

As the first day of school came, I was nervous to say the least. I cried in the car because I just felt so packed that something would go wrong and-well I didn’t know what would happen but I knew that it would be something bad but I got through. A lot of things went wrong but I went home at the end of the day, totally alive and unharmed, not excited for the next day but willing to wake up the next morning and do it because in all honesty, it wasn’t that bad.

When your in the midst of a change and everything falling apart and swirling all around you, it's hard to even think that your going to make it out on the other side, it even imagine the possibility that your going to get through, much less have something positive come from it. But thats what change does, it makes more good things. Its a storm that always ends in a rainbow, even if it has to uproot a few trees to get there. We have to think of change less as an obstacle and more a vehicle to getting somewhere great because we will make it through.

I think of the Me too movement in this sense. It was a big change, suddenly its coming out every week that someone who we thought was a good person sexually harassed or assaulted someone. Its a change in culture, which is one of the biggest changes there can be, and its uprooting a lot of trees but we’re getting somewhere. For one thing women are finally being heard and we’re getting rid of the culture of silence. We’re in the midst of a change and I think the end result is going to be a safer and more equal world so that's what we have to think about.

I’m in my sixth week of high school now. The storm has passed for the most part, and everything is okay. Which is something I never would’ve dreamed of six weeks ago when I was crying in the back of my dads car, the thought of ever being okay never even crossed my mind. So even though the world around me is still shaking and swirling with change, I’ve made it to the other side and I can say it will pass. We’ll hit normally again, and maybe not soon but it’ll happen. Well, as much of normal as we can, because things are always changing, even if we don’t realize it.

As the old saying goes, “Everything changes.” We all have to realize that it's inevitable, everything changes, just like how day turns to night and one o’clock turns to two o’clock but we still live through it. We still wake up every morning knowing that some things have changed but there’s a lot that’s still the same, there’s enough that's still the same that we can take the little that's left and run with it, and make something with it.


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