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dear brown girl

September 20, 2018


i. they tell you this world doesn't belong to you. they're wrong.

ii. gunshots always echo in the pit of your stomach, tongue forming words you've been scaring of uttering. latina, chilena, mapuche. the people that would hurt you for it don't know what those words mean.

iii. white skin, white voice, white family. latina family. so why do they keep calling you brown?

iv. even brown girls hate brown girls. you don't know who put that feeling there, but you hate it.

v. you were taught to hate who you are.


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  • AlienFromPluto

    I actually really kind of am in love with this. It's powerful for me, because I can really relate in a way - I'm mixed race - and you rarely see pieces that talk about this on this site. Brilliant job!

    over 1 year ago