My name is Talise and I write to express myself. I believe that everyone should have a voice even someone like me who is just 13. Please do not judge me by my age as that would be highly primitive and extremely rude:)

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Thank you all for supporting me doing my third ever Shawards!

My super duper totally original third ever Shawards!

September 29, 2018


Hi everyone this is my 3rd Shawards ever! Thank you for following through this far! You guys are really the people that make posts like this happen. So... THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! If this is your first time seeing the Shawards please go and check the other ones out too; My super duper totally original second ever Shawards! and My super duper totally original first ever Shawards! , you never know you could have been mentioned. If this is your first time seeing my Shawards the explanation of what it is is down below...

( Shawards as in sort of shout-outs sort of awards but not necessarily either.)
I am doing Shawards now, mainly just because I can and I feel like if I can manage to brighten at least one person's day or even make them smile its worth it so get ready for_TJNR@cheshire_'s third Shawards ever! Before I start I would like to acknowledge who started the shout-outs and writing awards, whoever that may be and thank them for such a wonderful idea.

(The order I put this list in has nothing to do with who is first or who is "higher up" on the list.)  Okay, let's get started!

SomeFormOfWriting: SomeFormOfWriting never fails to impress me on how flawless their vocabulary and wording is. This really makes all their pieces flow and easy to read. Also making the expression and point delivery crystal clear.

AcetheticallyPleasing: AcetheticallyPleasing's writing is always fun to read! I find their pieces really refreshing therefore a fantastic break from other things and something entirely enjoyable to read.
she's-got-a-story: she's-got-a-story writes in a relatable way making all their pieces really meaningful.

-Foxmillionaire-: -Foxmillionare- is constantly posting fun things for others to do as well as amazing pieces. They are thoughtful (from what I have observed) and are rather involved with WTW.

LackingASocialLife: LackingASocialLife is generally a good writer, publishes and likes a good amount of things and keeps a fairly level and even-headed profile. This is a unique but good thing to see.

omicron7889: omicron7889 is great at reviewing, commenting, writing, reading, rhyming and managing things. All I have to say is great work!
Sophia DuBose : Sophia DuBose is spot on with nearly everything they say. Their work shows the effort and detail which is put into handcrafting such amazing pieces, their reviews captivating and filled with to the point description. I always look forward to the next thing they publish!

Ursa Rover: Ursa Rover always writes with truth. Even though you may not want to hear something Ursa Rover is always the one to say what we all have to hear, take it as a wakeup call; we all need to get our heads out of the sand. Sometimes being blunt is the key to anything happening.

bi_felicia: Whatever bi_felicia writes it is always satisfying. Its the weird tingly feeling you get when entirely satisfied, almost yearning for more, there is no other way to describe it.

Poppy McNeal: Poppy McNeal's pieces are always descriptive and gripping. I thoroughly enjoy reading everything they write.

ollieollie: ollieollie is a fantastic example of someone who has utilised WTW and used it to overcome fears and challenge themselves!

Riley Noel: I want to whole-heartedly thank Riley Noel for everything that they have done. They are constantly commenting, reading, reviewing and looking at other peoples work let alone publishing their own fantastic pieces! Last week Riley Noel read and commented on all of my published pieces on WTW and I just would really like to commend them for that and everything else they do! 

Surly Wombat: I can tell that Surly Wombat is really doing their best writing and reviewing etc.They are another member of the "Really involved and fantastic members of WTW"

LyraLynne: LyraLynne is a great writer and another highly commended member of the "Really involved and fantastic members of WTW".

nevaredhp: nevaredhp is another member of the "Really involved and fantastic members of WTW". They are supportive innovative and creative ( from my opinion). I hope they continue to write and keep on doin what they are doin.

Your Local Flynn: Your Local Flynn is another member of the "Really involved and fantastic member of WTW" and I always hear and hopefully will continue to hear fantastic things about them and their writing.

i.c.f.l.o.w.e.r.s.: i.c.f.l.o.w.e.r.s. always impresses me with their writing. All else I have to say is that I truly believe that one day soon they could become a very successful writer!
Sorry everyone in the last few Shawards I have not been adding links so I have listed them below...

ArawKahasaistripedfly1001UNC ANGELTheLittleElephant23RavensInkWritesQuilleLemon Lord
hufflepuff_queen192rosemarywisdomThatAwkwardSmileCarpizzaINVISIBL3PaperbirdCatloverMaya!lianhabanana!,hibasaurusBig Bella RexKitty.SumireGabriel GoodwinSecret RoseOpened_MindASLpoetLuna LemonAbigailSaublenezi_nesHamna16AnhaRainAndSonderJohanna  and Corner Writing Club.

If you didn't get mentioned but please do not hesitate to ask me in the comment section below and it would be greatly appreciated if you could recommend someone for next week! Congratulations to all that got mentioned, you are all fantastic in every way.

Sincerely _TJNR@cheshire_


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    Oh, hey..this is great.

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  • _TJNR@cheshire_

    @Made4Love thanks for the recommendation and also you may have already seen it but just in case, you are mentioned in the newest Shawards. No worries @Ursa Rover!

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    Wow thanks!

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    I've got a recommendation: Kylie Trankle. They've got really beautiful pieces!
    And congrats to everyone mentioned!

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    No worries!

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    WHOOP! Congrats to those mentioned!

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