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16 years old ~ high school grad ~ gap year~Homeschool grad~ daughter of Christ ~ Adopted ~ new writer ~middle child of 7~
Writing is the only release I have... it keeps me going, please help me get better at it.

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I’ve never been good at storytelling, any tips, I open to anything! Thanks!

Childhood Memories

September 19, 2018


Imagine it...Wind blowing peacefully across your face, trees dancing in the wind, 
an old book sitting on your lap while you rock on your front porch,
there’s the family barn, old and broken, yet beautiful as always, with my family name engraved on the front...
The sound of the creek flowing behind the house after the big rain yesterday.  
When my brother gets home we will go wash our shoes in it, while the cool water rolls over our bare feet.

I remember the time I fractured my ankle playing basketball with my family and friends, the time an old friend broke his wrist while trying to climb an old pine tree in our woods
or when we would walk a few miles straight back through the creeks, hills and our miniature waterfalls to get to the train track and collect rail road spikes.
Ever let a train run over a nickel? It returns to your possession 10 times better than before, the size of your palm, you can’t buy anything with it now but it has never been more valuable to you.
 I remember the time my friends and I tried to cross a creek by balancing on a tree that fell across it (emphasis on tried!)
or the second time I fractured my ankle playing basketball, obviously I wasn’t good at it!
or the time we built giant, multi roomed, mostly water-proof forts out of branches, moss, and whatever else we could find in the woods...
My favorite childhood memory was the night before we left it all behind, laying in the middle of the field, in the darkness of night with my friends by my side, the only sounds were the crickets and the wind, there was no talking, but we were all completely happy, because we were together, we stayed there for hours just watching the stars. You’ve reminded me, I have never gotten memories I will remember forever from Facebook or Instagram, only from real life conversations with real life people. My favorite memory of all happened under the stars on a boat.
The most important thing all these memories have in common, I got them by unplugging. Unplug, that’s when you start living! 

If you will please excuse me, I have a real life conversation to have, and memories to make. They aren’t going to be the ones you forget about until they pop up once a year on Facebook, they’re the ones that make you smile everyday, and you will remember forever without the help of a notification.


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  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    Beautiful piece!

    over 1 year ago
  • Luna Lemon

    Just finished my last review! Since you didn't respond with any specific pieces, if you ever publish something or want me to check something that you published a while ago, just let me know! It's been an absolute pleasure reviewing your work for the CWC, you're really talented:)

    over 1 year ago