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Change for the Better

October 29, 2018

    My life was changed for the better in seventh grade. I had new friends and old and I always imagined that these old friends would follow me on until the end of time. I remembered having the conversations with them as we sat in class talking about college as we said who would be rooming with who in dorms. I was the one who truly believed that it would actually happened. I was the one who held on to that dream until it had to be let go. Seeking back into the deep, dark, icy waters of my subconscious.
   It started to change when I stopped letting the old friends of mine control my life.  They used to have the reigns of my life turning me in the direction that they wanted. After, a conversation with my mother that lasted through part of sixth grade and summer I realized that I need to be my own person. So, coming back to my wonderful middle school I stopped doing everything the old friends told me to do. If they got angry with someone I didn't involved myself into that. If they wanted me to buy something I told them very nicely to go get it themselves. When they got angry with me I didn't care I just went to my new friends until they got over themselves. What I didn't realize that in becoming my own person it was making them angry. They didn't have their little lapdog anymore, so what was my purpose in being their friend. There was no purpose and by the second semester of me being at the school they had cut me off. For a while I was upset who wouldn't be. I had known these girls for half of my life starting with some of them from the first grade.  It was hard to move on to the new friends who barley knew me at all. I was scared out of my mind. For the first time I didn't know what to do with this new territory I was in.  I didn't know how to handle the situation that I was thrown in. It was like being thrown into the wild expected to find your own way back home without nothing but the clothes on your back. 
   Fast forward to me getting ready to take my SAT and ACT planning my next step in life. I still see the girls who used to be my friend but we have all changed. They joined the realm of popularity sometimes shooting me glares if I walk past them. I used to care used to quiver with fear of what they would do to me. That was middle school me, high school me continues talking with the person she is with smiling and laughing. I didn't know that what would happen in middle school would alter my life so much. That Ii would change into the person who could hold her own. It did and I am forever grateful for what it did to me because without it, I wouldn't be able to even write this story.
Write your comments on it please.  Need to know if it is good enough for the competition! Please and thank you. 


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