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Do You Believe in Miracles? Then Watch this Film!

By: AdamS10cp

Adam Spielberger
World Literature
Mrs. Herman
January 8, 2015
                                                                                Miracle Review
    Miracle is a sports movie that is based off of the 1980 U.S.A ice hockey team. This film perfectly illustrates the dramatic, emotional, and exhilarating path the young group of American athletes went through. As a member of the audience, I felt as though I relived the miracle. The film displays the bitter relationship between the U.S.A, and the then, Soviet Union. It doesn’t just show the athletic competition, but shows the competition between capitalism vs. socialism. Herb Brooks, played by Kurt Russell, is the unpredictable head coach of the U.S hockey team. Russell did a phenomenal job portraying Herb Brooks as the man he actually was. Other than Russell, there were no “big time” names. This actually helped me look at the characters these actors played rather than being caught up in a superstar actor. I would feel connected to these actors, who mainly played as the U.S hockey players. I could relate to what they were going through and made me feel like I was part of the team. One thing that I didn’t necessarily like is how they portrayed the people of the Soviet Union as cold and emotionless. I see why they did, but as far as I know they were normal people. Needless to say, the acting in general was as good as it could’ve been.
    The plot was very well organized. The producers did not put all of the focus into the hockey part, but showed the economic, political, and social problems in the U.S, leading up to the game. America was in a very hard stage in 1979, when the movie first took place. The writers, beautifully and swiftly, covered the news that was going on in America. It did not seem as though they were cramming in too much detail. The music and background noise was very good. During certain scenes, you could feel the tension and emotion. After watching it several times I still get the same effect, and it’s all due to the music. Certain scenes had very good shots while others could be improved. The lighting was terrific. There were a few scenes which I think couldn’t have possibly been done better.
    This film exceeded all of my expectations. It really displays a real miracle in front of our eyes. I’d recommend this film to all audiences. I know that it’s a sports movie but there is so much more to it. They made the film for all audiences and will no doubt be enjoyed by all audiences.

Message to Readers

I'd like certain rephrasing with different sentences. Anything else to add on. Better title

Peer Review

I really liked how you quickly mentioned it wasn't just a movie about sports. I think with more detail and more diverse wording you could make the writing more grabbing.

Like I said before, you went into a lot of detail about how the movie wouldn't just be enjoyed by those who like sports. You made it very convincing.

You could write more detail about the cinematography. It would help if you wrote what you think could be made better in the movie. You didn't go into much detail about why you were thinking what you said.

Its really enjoyable and I really like how you talked about a lot of different things rather than making it all about sports.

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