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Never Give Up

By: Catlover


     Like all things in life, we encounter challenges and hardships. Some of these challenges shape us and helps us grow into better people, but that is only if we choose to learn from it. Life is full of choices. Some bigger than others. I am just happy I made the right choice.
Ever since the age of twelve, I knew for certain I wanted to be a writer full time. I enjoyed pouring emotions on a blank piece of paper and creating dramatic scenes. I loved writing that I didn’t want to stop, ever. I wrote when I had free time when I was bored, and even when I just felt like it. Sometimes my punishment for doing something wrong was no writing for a week or something.
I remember this one time I did not obey my parents and my mom told me sternly,
“You can’t write for a whole week.”
“But… but that's not fair,” I clearly remember stating.
If I wasn’t writing I was thinking about writing or watching a movie to help me come up with inspiration for my stories. So, basically, I wrote more than I breathed. But I really enjoyed writing scripts than writing stories to be honest. I learned how to write scripts from other writers and books. The main books I read were other scripts that I found on the internet, like Spider-Man and Star Wars,  and Screenwriting for Dummies. I learned awfully quick and used my knowledge to write scripts. I knew I wanted to create movies and shows that would be on television someday. I craved writing angles for the camera to focus on or the interesting dialogue for my characters.  
About three summers ago, I went on the life-changing adventure of writing a movie. For some, writing a movie can be hard but for me, it was so enjoyable and also relaxing. I already had the plot, main characters, settings, and everything planned out. I just had to, well, start writing. Day in and day out, I spent my summer writing. I would sometimes not watch television because I knew someday my work was going to be in it. I was having so much fun doing it. Funny enough, sometimes I would shut myself inside for so long that when I go back outside the light hurts my eyes.
    Sadly though, my fun came to an end when I hit a roadblock: my conclusion of the script.  I didn’t know how to tie everything together. I tried re-writing, but that didn’t help at all it just made it worse. So, I gave up. Allowing my red notebook to lie untouched an entire summer. Writing most of the time, I had a hard time do other things like reading, because I just knew my someday my conclusion would come to me. 
Next summer, I was struck with a brilliant ending and a few more extra scenes. I re read my script and killed my darlings, as you might say. I saw where I needed to strengthen a scene or just delete it. I quickly grabbed my notebook and wrote. I was so excited to be writing about this story again. Within no time, I finished it. I read my script from beginning to end, and I loved it! My plot was clear, my snappy dialogue was perfect, and my action even made me feel like defeating a bad guy or two.
I learned from this experience, that you can never give up no matter what. I know that sounds like something from a greeting card, but its true. If I did give up, my story would never have an ending. To this day, that script stands as a symbol for me. A symbol of perseverance, patience, and hardwork. 

Message to Readers

My paper for my English course. I revised it, let me know what you think.

Peer Review

I love how you chased your dream and didn't just throw your script away when you couldn't finish it - how you just let it lie because you knew that, someday, you would finish it. That's encouraging because I, too, have an idea that I'm just letting lie because I know I can't do justice to it yet. If you can finish, so can I! Rock on, sister!

No, not really. You did a pretty good job of including all the important details and making them flow well.

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