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She's The Man

By: juliat10CP

You think you know someone…until you don’t. In the comedy film, She's the Man, Amanda Bynes plays Viola, A female soccer player who disguises herself as her twin brother so she can continue to play Soccer. Channing Tatum plays Duke, the roommate, Viola falls for. This movie was directed by Andy Fickman and filmed in 2006 and is based on the Shakespeare play “The Twelfth Night”. It takes place at two very different high schools. One, Cornwall, is a public school while the other, Illyria, is an elite boarding school. 

When the girls soccer team at Cornwall gets cut and the coach won’t allow girls to play on the boys team, Viola Hastings decides she will do anything to keep playing her favorite sport. When her brother Sebastian sneaks to London to play for his band, Viola devises a plan. She knows that her brother attends Cornwall’s biggest rival school, Illyria, and he is not there, so why not pretend to be him and play soccer! This scheme requires her to look, talk, sound and truly convince people that she is Sebastian. This reaches an extreme of living in the boys dorm! By executing this plan, Viola sets in motion what may be the craziest love triangle I have ever seen. Viola falls in love with her roommate Duke(Who thinks Viola is Sebastian), who likes Olivia, who likes Sebastian, who is really Viola. 

This movie was intended to be a romantic comedy and definitely struck me as a chick-flick. The plot is lighthearted and easy to follow and I definitely laughed out loud a few times. I think that Amanda Bynes was the perfect choice to play Viola and her ability to switch back and forth between Sebastian and Viola was performed excellently.  Although the movie was light-hearted and comedic, it also succeeded to make me angry. The role that gender plays in this movie, and how girls are discriminated against is not fair whatsoever. As the boys made fun of Viola for wanting to play soccer, all I could think about was how I wanted her to punch all of them. In society, people deserve to be equal, and in sports, it breaks the law to not allow someone of the other gender to play. Although today our society is trying to do a better job at gender equality, I still see jokes being thrown around, and small examples on how females are portrayed in people’s minds to be less than males. In 2006, the feminist movement was not as strong, so I respect the director of this film for making such a statement about gender equality.

I personally would give this movie eight out of ten stars. This movie was very enjoyable while also showing a hidden and deeper moral. I think the actors and actresses were chosen perfectly, and all portrayed their characters as if they were real people. Not only is this a film I would see again, it is a film that I would recommend to others. The ideal audience for this movie is any middle schooler or high schooler, and anyone who is looking for a good laugh. In the end, I learned that even when you think you know don’t.

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