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Moneyball Film Review, How Statistics Changed Baseball

By: DanielL10Cp

    Brad Pitt portrays a man named Billy Beane, who put a twist on how to build an MLB roster. This started in 2002 when Beane was under a lot of scrutiny because his team the Oakland A’s had struggled mightily throughout the first half of the season. In this sports drama that is based on a true story Billy Beane must find a way to change his team's success by acquiring players and getting rid of others or else he will lose his job. He must make the right decision even if it is not agreed by others.     Therefore, the theme of the film is to trust your instincts and not fall into peer pressure.
Billy Beane has a huge dilemma on his hands because his team from 2001 was a very good playoff team but had lost three key pieces to their team. As a result the 0-11 start to the next season left fans scratching their head want Beane fired. Ownership forced him to rebuild his team and they brought a very intelligent man named Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) who gives Beane a new outlook on how to build a roster. In this very intense film star actor Brad Pitt does a great job depicting Billy Beane, as he shows a lot of passion for the Oakland A’s and also works as hard as he can to make sure that he doesn’t lose job so that he can provide for Casey his young daughter. Finally, Billy must fight to keep his job and has to take some risk that if fail could make him unemployed.
    Jonah Hill does a great job portraying Peter Brand who is a nerdy Yale graduate who has been studying the analytics of baseball for a long time. He gives Billy Beane a new look and view on how baseball should be looked at and showed him that some players have more value than other with these new special stats. Finally, he finds stats that he found important that most people don’t find important and the main statistics he looked at were runs and the salary of players.
The sound in the film is very unusual because the sound is mainly quite. There is not a lot of music but when their is it is quiet to show that the team is struggling and Billy Beane has a lot of conflicts going on. Finally, the quiet noise resembles the struggle he is going through and the worry his daughter is feeling thinking that his Dad will be fired.
    Finally, this movie is mainly depicted from the Front office’s point of view and not the players. It gives the viewers a chance to see how difficult a general manager's job is and how much pressure was on Billy to sign the right players to turn their season around. It is also a very interesting story line that is based on a true story and also shows how having a different strategy or view on something in life is good. I would recommend this movie to any baseball fans out there and businessmen because there are many lessons you can take out of this movie. First, to not listen to whatever other people tell you and go with your instinct and and second if you don't take risk and try to be different you can’t succeed. 

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