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November 6, 2013

In the past few years Boston has changed my life significantly. Yes, it has many attractions, and concerts, and bruins games, but it is also a great escape. Living in a small town gets boring after awhile. You can only do so many things and you always run into people you know. My friends and I started taking the T into Boston last year. I love how there is so many things to do like go shopping or play frisbe in the common. Being surrounded by complete strangers and my closest friends taught me not care what other people think and I have become more confident now even when I'm in my hometown. Boston holds many of my memories that I will keep for the rest of my life. For example one time i left my bag on the train and my friends and I had to hop onto the next car, then at the next stop we ran back onto the car where i left my bag and got it. Everyone around us looked amazed that we had managed to get back in the car. Also last year I went to the first Boston Calling Music Festival. They had bands that I had never even heard of before like The Shins and Young The Giant. My favorite act was Fun. They were the closing act and they were amazing. They had beach balls going through the crowd and colorful lights flashing everywhere. We did not get very close but we were dancing in the back of the crowd the entire hour and a half! All these experiences have lead me to become less shy and more independent whether its asking for directions or trying to figure out the T map, Boston has taught me many skills that i will use no matter what city I am in. When I grow up, I hope to travel all around the world and use these skills to help me however I will always come back to Boston.

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