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'The Dark Knight,' the Joker or Batman?

January 13, 2016

    What will happen to Batman (Bruce Wayne) and the city of Gotham as the Joker emerges into the picture?  Will Batman break his code of being kill-free to get rid of Joker? "The Dark Knight" tells of the story of Batman and Joker's fight over the city of Gotham.  A continuation from "Batman Begins" leads on with the saving of Gotham by Mr. Bruce Wayne.  Director Christopher Nolan uses great detail and special effects to make this movie more lively.
    The Joker, a villain with green hair, a white face, and purple suit, goal is to terrorize Gotham and make the city his own.  As the Joker and his crew rob a bank, Batman realizes the city needs him.  Batmans and the police crew, including Lt. Gordon, search for the Joker to place him in jail.  The Joker turns Harvey Dent, a friend and district attorney, against the people telling Harvey that they betrayed him.  The police department catch him, but Joker devised a plan for a stomach bomb as a distraction for him to escape.  The Joker then lines the bridges with explosives and makes a city-wide announcement that the only way out is through the water.  There was such a rush onto the boats that they did not realize that there was bombs aboard while stuck with no power.  Fox, Bruce's arms supplier, uses radars from cell phones to track the Joker to a construction building.  The Joker kidnapped important figures in politics and tapes a gun to them so the police target them as a threat.  Batman captures the Joker and saves the people of Gotham-for now.  However, Harvey Dent is corrupted and influenced by the Joker and kidnaps Gordon's family and brings them to where his wife, Rachel, died.  Batman comes to the rescue, once again, and tackles Harvey before he was about to kill Gordon's son.  Harvey and Batman both fall down the ledge, where Bruce has armor; and having no armor, Harvey died. 
    My impression of this movie was spectacular.  It may not have continued on exactly how I expected from "Batman Begins," but it was a great action movie.  I'd say it is appropriate for children 13+ based on the kissing, violence, and other small details included in the movie for better fan experience.
    The emotion and acting was done very well, almost as if real life.  Explosions and special effects were in great accuracy and detail.  Plus Joker blows up a hospital which is really cool, and could only be done once.  I would recommend this movie, and it's two others in the trilogy, to anyone. 
    My overall rating would be a four and a half star out of five.  I gave it this high of a score based on the quality of the movie and good continuation from the first.  It also provides a great platform for the entrance of a new character in "The Dark Knight Rises."


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